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Updated 11:20 pm July 8 — See below.

Editing manuals in Pages is not my idea of fun but we have the Studio Manager 14 Demo for you and it includes a Demo Manual and a Demo Readme. Go to Demo download page.

For now we recommend that you run it on FileMaker Pro 14, not FileMaker Pro 13. There’s a free trial version of FileMaker 14 if you need it. We are looking at the places where we use FileMaker Pro 14 technologies that are problematic in 13 to see if we can find some simple workarounds. More information to follow on this.

FileMaker Go 14 for your iPhone 4 to 6 Plus and iPads is free but does require iOS 8.1 or higher.

Although most of our customers are glued to big screens during their work day and use Studio Manager there, there are options. If you want to have some fun and you are on your iPhone or iPad right now, you can download and run the demo from your iDevice. I used iCab Mobile just now and have the demo running on my iPhone 6 Plus as we speak.

Update: We’ve begun testing with FileMaker Pro and Go 13 to see if we can find some workarounds. We’ll make an assessment in detail tomorrow and have more information for you. Please contact Janet if you want to weigh in. We may simply have 2 versions — one of which will be called Studio Manager 13.5.


The Studio Manager 14 software is done, tested and refined. Now we come to completing edits to our documentation so that these are usable. Hoping to have the demo up tonight. Yay! We will be updating you as things progress from here. Screenshots are coming to our tour and iOS tabs.


Release Tuesday

We plan to release Studio Manager 14 this Tuesday, July 7. In the meantime we will be working on release details including this website with new screenshots, documentation and an email announcement. And, yeah, we can take your order if you want to get the ball rolling now.

New Features

The 2 new features in this release are FileMaker Pro 14 compatibility in full and a more modern appearance.

Easily Customizable User Interface

Keep in mind that you will be able to use FileMaker 14’s Database CSS to quickly adjust the look of screens and reports to your liking.

Studio Manager 14 Demo Monday Night

The demo is a big project in itself because we have to lock it down enough to protect our intellectual property and still have it work in full. It is a full function demo in most regards and has value in itself. That’s next.


We have been in communication with FileMaker Inc. to get some pointers on how to best handle the iPhone layout formatting issues appearing in FileMaker 14 that did not present issues in FileMaker 13.

2 Release Targets

Studio Manager 14.0. The first release of Studio Manager 14 will be more of an Update to Studio Manager 13 so that it runs well on FileMaker 14 and has a flatter UI more consistent with FileMaker 14, Yosemite and iOS 8. We’ll spend a month running Studio Manager 14 and tweaking it to handle any issues we find. We expect that this first version will work well in FileMaker 13 as well. If you like the idea of starting with FileMaker 14 and you want to start July 1 or thereabouts, this is the right version for you to target.

Studio Manager 14.5. After we get Studio Manager 14 released, we will begin work on a more ambitious update to Studio Manager 14. Here we will take advantage of more of FileMaker 14’s new features. This update may be called Studio Manager 14.1 or Studio Manager 14.5 based on the significance and value of the features we add.

As usual please call or email Studio Manager architect, Janet Tokerud, if you have any questions for us.


Most of our design clients are using big screened Macs when running Studio Manager and are doing so using FileMaker Pro. FileMaker Pro 14 has a lot of great new development features that will be especially valuable if you want to customize Studio Manager. We are finding one minor issue with the iPhone to report when running FileMaker Go 14.

The padding is off compared to FileMaker 13. It looks like it will take about a 6 hours to tweak our iPhone layouts to make them work as well in FileMaker Go 14 as they do in FileMaker Go 13. We hope to have the issue resolved by the end of the week.

If you are a Studio Manager 13 customer and using Studio Manager on an iPhone, you will need to tweak your iPhone layouts as we are doing if you upgrade to FileMaker 14 now. It is possible that FileMaker will fix this glitch on their end soon, but I would rather take care of the tweaking now for our brand new Studio Manager customers.

If you are in this situation, I would advise waiting a month to see if FileMaker handles this on their end. I wouldn’t hold my breath though. We started building iPhone layouts in 2011 when FileMaker Go first came out and it may be that leftovers from the very first versions we built have come back to haunt us a little bit. This is a tiny price to pay for the massive improvements we’ve seen in FileMaker Go since then.

Please feel free to email, phone or text me to get any questions answered on either FileMaker 14 or Studio Manager 13-14.



FileMaker Pro 14 and its associated products released this morning at 6 am. FileMaker insiders knew that FileMaker 14 was coming within 6 months but we never know when exactly as it is with most software. You will need to be running OS X 10.9 Mavericks or 10.10 Yosemite on Mac or Windows 7 or higher to run FileMaker Pro 14. If you are running Windows, you should look at the Tech Specs for Filemaker 14 on to make sure your particular version and flavor of Windows is compatible.

FileMaker Pro 14 is packed with great new features and improvements that will make it worth your while to upgrade or choose FileMaker as your platform for a mission critical system with great decision support features and end-user friendliness.

If you are an existing Studio Manager customer, don’t upgrade on day one. Some of the FileMaker community will upgrade or do trial conversions in the next couple weeks and we will see from that whether or not there are important bugs or limitations.

We will keep you informed as we learn more about the released version of FileMaker Pro 14. But for now, we expect it will be a very solid and reliable release with a small number of minor issues in certain situations just as a new release of OS X has its issues for a minority of users. I will be testing FileMaker 14 with Studio Manager and other FileMaker solutions. I will also be keeping tabs on other FileMaker sites and FileMaker forums to see when it is prudent to pull the trigger on a mission critical upgrade to 14.

Re Studio Manager 13 and eventually 14. What can you expect? We will immediately be doing a trial conversion to SM14 and start testing it to see if there are any issues. We will also be going a little slower but also be learning about pre Studio Manager 13 compatibility.

So far any version of Studio Manager above Studio Manager 7 has been largely compatible as is with FileMaker 12 or higher. We have noticed some layout issues on pre Studio Manager 12 entry screens that make it harder to to change fonts but this limitation has not affected functionality. However, we aren’t at your shop using Studio Manager in your exact situation, so we advise that you always do a trial conversion and evaluate what happens when you convert and see if all the most important things you use work fine before doing a production conversion.

Studio Manager 14 New Features and Changes. We have not done all the strategic and technical analysis we need to do to determine what we want to add or change in Studio Manager 14. But now that we have a released product we will start that effort in earnest.

Web-browser Timesheets are a Possibility. One major addition we may make to this version is support for access in a web browser. We aren’t sure how extensive that support will be because a web browser cannot do everything FileMaker can do and we have to see what it will take to make the functionality on something like Studio Manager Timesheets work with a web browser. Timesheets, though, are likely to be the first thing we evaluate and then tackle.


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