We’ve lived for years with a land line from AT&T and often dreamed of using an iPhone. It turns out in this day and age that it is easy to transfer a landline phone number from AT&T to an iPhone on Verizon. This is day one.

You should now get:

  1. Emergency response before and after hours when possible even if no one is in the office (keep in mind hours are 9 am – 5 pm Pacific Time and we aren’t early birds so we will have do not disturb on until 8 am unless we’ve gotten crazy and set up a very early morning call.
  2. Transcribed voice mails on our end, so we can quickly see what you need. That should help us triage when things get hectic.
  3. The ability to text us your question or request.
  4. Better voicemail responsiveness because we can check our voicemail painlessly.

Whoopee! Voice mail seems to be working. I just tried it and I was in a quiet environment and the message had 100% accuracy in the transcription. Cool!

I might start liking the phone again at this rate. Make a note of our same number if you haven’t got it: 415 789-5219.


Go to the Demo tab and enter a few details, just enough so we can contact you while also protecting your privacy. These are as safe as safe can be.

Contact me about anything and everything. Getting this demo up was a rush job, so if you are frustrated in any way or, even better, have questions, contact us. Texting and calls are welcome.

Tokerud Consulting Group, Tiburon, CA 415-789-5219 (iPhone)



SM15 for Your 2017

The version 15 product is ready to go for those of you who want to play over the holidays to get ready for the 2017. We release before January so you can get the full calendar year into Studio Manager. It’s effective if you can do it.

The Free Full-Function Demo. The 15 version of the demo will be up by tomorrow (Tuesday Dec 27). The 14.5 version that’s up right now will serve you fine for evaluation purposes if today is your day to look at a demo. I was hoping to get the 15 demo up today but then remembered the Demo manual needed updating too. Darn! The Tour tab above is your best bet for the most up to date screenshots today.

What do you need? You can run Studio Manager 15 on FileMaker Pro 14 if you need to, although we do recommend FileMaker Pro 15. You can run 15 on MacOS Yosemite, El Capitan or Sierra (or lots of versions of Windows). for your viewing pleasure, check out the Tour tab above which has all the links to all the pieces of Studio Manager 15. There’s even some text explanations to go along with it, to you get curious.

Prices for new buyers are on the Price tab above. Upgraders get your prices on the Upgrades tab.

How to Get Your Questions Answered or Just Buy

Call, text (415 272-8563) or email me (janet.tokerud@gmail.com) if you have questions or want to order and get your purchase into this tax year. I’m holding down the fort solo over the holidays. I’ll be keeping an eye on things from my iPhone 7 Plus on New Years Eve which is when I get lots of last minute orders. Checks obviously give you an extra flexibility for those who save a couple checks for the first few days of the new year. We take checks (and love them best) along with PayPal, Visa and MasterCard.

See my previous post for some more highlights on Studio Manager 15.



On the Verge of Release

I’m writing on December 7 just to make sure if you come by you realize we have a new version in the wings. Studio Manager 15 runs fast and beautifully on FileMaker 15 and works well on 14 too. We haven’t tested it on 13, so you should do your own testing using our free full-function demo if that’s what you want to run on.

FileMaker 15

I’ve been busy of late and haven’t written up my love for FileMaker Pro 15 (and Go 15), but will slip a glowing report in here. It’s excellent. FileMaker has gone into an annual upgrade cycle to match up better with Apple’s aggressive annual iOS and MacOS upgrade schedule.

Main Features in FileMaker 15

FileMaker 15 is an extremely robust and powerful version of FileMaker that allows us to work faster and better in our development work. While FileMaker 14 had whizzy end-user features, FM15 consolidates those user interface gains and attends to the backend.

  1. Aggressive Improvements in security, topping what’s already been done in recent releases.
  2. Faster performance and more responsiveness.
  3. Better scripting environment (see below).
  4. FileMaker Cloud which lets you have FileMaker Server in the Amazon (AWS) cloud and not have a server in your shop.

Since the giant upgrade in FileMaker Pro 12, the biggest improvement in FileMaker has been a giant overhaul of user interface tools. We were waiting for it and have jumped all over these tools to greatly improve the UI of Studio Manager. We now have themes, styles, states, svg graphics instead of images, button bars, icons anywhere we want in buttons. FileMaker’s gains in these releases allowed us to make SM15 beautiful, fun and efficient.

Scripting got a big boost in 14 and 15. All sorts of instant stuff that lets me manage, auto-fill, search and narrow the view to just what I need to do great automation that works reliably and lets me quickly change, extend and maintain Studio Manager. For instance, FM15 scripting turns any errors red on the screen so even if you aren’t looking for a problem, you find it.

Rigid Not Spoken Here

Please don’t forget that Studio Manager 15 and its predecessors are extremely customizable. FileMaker Pro is not like other development environments. It is not like web development or coding an iPhone app. You can easily tweak Studio Manager to make it sing your song the way you need it in your shop! Don’t settle for less.

Studio Manager 15

The four major efforts this year in creating Studio Manager 15 have been to:

  1. Make the user interface even more engaging and transparent. We got out our trusty fine tooth comb and made layouts better than ever and made sure everything runs great in FileMaker Pro 15.
  2. Streamline the product for performance. See item 3.
  3. Test the product thoroughly as we changed things and fixed or changed anything we thought could be better.
  4. Rewrite the manuals again. The advantage of our holding out and continuing to write searchable documentation via PDF is that as we go through the previous manual, and every square inch of the product, we find things to fix, improve or add. We get new ideas.

Learn More about Studio Manager 15

Please go straight to the Tour tab above and click on the sections of Studio Manager you are interested in. There are dedicated web pages for lots of different things like timesheets, invoices, scheduling and much more. Be sure to click on the small screenshots to see them full size.

Don’t hesitate to ask me questions. We can do a Skype or Go to Meeting or Teamviewer screensharing session if you want one to help you decide if Studio Manager 15 is a good fit for your firm or work group. Text or call me on my iPhone (415 272-8563) or Email me and get your questions answered. Don’t settle for Excel spreadsheets or some limited and inflexible solution for running your business.



FileMaker Pro 15.0.2

If you are an early adopter running FileMaker Pro 15 and want to run with macOS Sierra, you can. Make sure you update to version 15.0.2 before you do.

However, if Studio Manager or your other FileMaker application is mission critical, you may want to be double-sure by waiting a week or 2 longer. There still may be a minor gotcha.

If you have compelling reasons to upgrade to Sierra now, you probably won’t hit a major concern from your FileMaker installation on Sierra.

Get every detail FileMaker has on FileMaker Pro 15.0.2 here.

What about FileMaker Server 15.02?

We are in luck that the update for Server is also available. Here’s what FileMaker Inc. has to say about it:

FileMaker Server 15.0.2 includes support for macOS Sierra version 10.12. To upgrade your operating system, uninstall FileMaker Server, then upgrade your operating system. Then use the FileMaker Server 15.0.2 installer instead of the updater software.

Keep in mind that:

FileMaker Server 15.0.2 installs Java 8 Update 101.

Also, FileMaker Inc. addressed several bugs in FileMaker Server 15 and one security issue. Get the full report here for details on FileMaker Server 15.02.


I received an email today from FileMaker Inc. saying an update to FileMaker 15 is in the works and please hold off from upgrading to macOS Sierra until FileMaker Inc. gives the go ahead. Past experience has been that it may take a couple of weeks before a new update is available and FileMaker gives their OK to run FileMaker 15 with the new OS.

If you need to run FileMaker Pro 15, safely, we strongly recommend you postpone this upgrade until you hear from FileMaker.

Previous versions of FileMaker may not ever be certified as good with Sierra. We have seen that sometimes after a much longer delay, like a year or more, the immediately prior version or 2 of FileMaker Pro may get less than certification but an OK to run with typically a few issues and limitations.

At this point, if you want to upgrade to Sierra when FileMaker.com says ok or not, we recommend you upgrade to FileMaker Pro 15 to run recent versions of Studio Manager. We are happy to answer your questions if you need further assistance (Janet’s iPhone: 415 272-8563).


FileMaker 15 and Studio Manager Meet in a Bar…

May 10, 2016 Compatibility

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Studio Manager 14.5 is For Sale

December 23, 2015 FileMaker 14

We just recently did an email announcement (on Monday Dec 21) of the availability of Studio Manager 14.5. If you missed it, let us know as the email includes an exclusive 10% discount offer. Price list and Upgrader Prices and advice here. The new version of Studio Manager 14.5 takes advantage of a bunch of new FileMaker […]

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Free Studio Manager 14.5 Demo is Available

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We are still doing final testing and tweaking on Studio Manager 14.5, but we are so close that we felt that it was time to give you a chance to check out Studio Manager 14.5 for yourself. This is a full-function demo, just not customizable — except all the preferences can be set of course. You can run […]

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Studio Manager 14.5 Due for Release

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