FileMaker Pro 13 and FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced are compatible with OS X Yosemite according to FileMaker Inc.: help.filemaker.com. FileMaker Server 13 is not shown as compatible. So we would expect an update of FileMaker Server 13 within 30 days or so.

There are minor known graphical interface issues so far and we quote:

  • Possible crash if the Add Relationship dialog is moved while creating a self-joining relationship in join graph.
  • In join graph, mouse cursor changes its shape when it’s moved over a TO or text note even though a modal dialog is being displayed.
  • The first item in lists is scrolled out of the visible area when the following dialogs are opened: Manage Database, Import Script, Manage Scripts and Manage Layouts.
  • The Sample Color tool does not work when invoked via right clicking on a field and picking “fill” from the contextual menu.
  • Video launched from an interactive container and played in full screen mode will be enlarged rather than reduced, which may cause video content to be truncated.
  • Highlighted items in field drop down lists are rendered as black text that can be difficult to read.

Keep in mind this compatibility is only for FileMaker Pro 13. It seems pretty clear looking at the FileMaker help on versions of FileMaker Pro prior to FileMaker Pro 13 that FileMaker Inc. is not going to be able to afford to do thorough testing on these older versions to be able to provide assurances that all will be well in Yosemite.

We encourage our Mac-based Studio Manager customers to upgrade to FileMaker Pro 13 if you want to take advantage of the many amenities available in OS X Yosemite. We’ve seen good results with customers upgrading from versions of of Studio Manager starting with Studio Manager 7. You may be interested in upgrading your copy of Studio Manager as well but that’s not required.

One thing to note about upgrading. If you are upgrading from Studio Manager 8 or so, you may need our assistance in modifying the startup script so that it will allow Studio Manager to open in recent versions of FileMaker Pro. We charge $100 to make this change on your behalf — it requires full access to change this script.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions about these things. We are happy to help you sort out any questions you have.



Updated 9:40 am, Oct 16. If you are a Studio Manager user, don’t forget to check that your version of FileMaker Pro is compatible before you upgrade to OS X Yosemite or any other version of OS X above your current version. Here is the URL from filemaker.com.

As of 9 am, OS X Yosemite is not listed as to whether any versions of Yosemite are compatible. I hope to see Yosemite added to this list within 24 hours of the official Yosemite release. So check this page before upgrading.

For what it is worth MIT Information & Technology Knowledge base says the OSX Yosemite Gold Master 3 was OK for FileMaker Pro 13 but not for FileMaker Server 13 when I looked at it today.


In case you were wondering, the same version of Studio Manager 13 that works on iPhone 5 and 5s, just works on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. We were certainly wondering and tested it out on day one. This screenshot is from Janet’s iPhone 6, but please click or tap to see at full resolution.

You’ll still probably use Studio Manager 13 mostly at your Mac or the occasional PC (we optimize for Mac but sometimes bookkeepers access from PCs) to run your Studio with Studio Manager 13. But you can do core tasks in a pinch from your iPhone: enter time, track and mark tasks complete, check the status of jobs and invoices from your iPhone including the newest models and back to iPhone 4. Of course, even more is possible on the iPad.



Above is a screenshot from the iPhone 5s. You’ll see the same thing but larger from either of the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. Navigate to studio-manager.com via iPhone 6 or 6 Plus and tap the screenshot to see for yourself at full-size. Janet had a 6 Plus for 10 days before switching to an iPhone 6 due to hand cramps. We’ve tried Studio Manager 13 on both and the iPad mini with retina and iPad Air and iPad 3 and iPad 2 just to be sure everything is legible and operate well via finger.

We are happy to have completed the work necessary and submitted our Studio Manager 13 Product to FileMaker Inc.. Studio Manager 13 passed their tests and is designated as Optimized for iPad / iPhone.

To see it in action download the free full-function demo of Studio Manager 13. You can purchase a fully customizable single-user license of Studio Manager 13 for $695.

Try the Tour and iOS tabs above for lots of screenshots of Studio Manager 13 and basic descriptions of the various capabilities.

Contacts Entry Screen

Contacts Entry Screen


This is our new Studio Manager 13 Demo

This is our new Studio Manager 13 Demo

The free and full-function Studio Manager 13 Demo is now available. It requires FileMaker Pro 13 or the free trial version of FileMaker Pro 13. We are still selling Studio Manager 12.5 for those who desperately need a good solution for managing their creative services work but aren’t ready to upgrade to FileMaker Pro 13 just yet.

This demo is really nice – our best yet. We tested, updated our demo data and then tested running the demo against the revised demo manual. We hope you enjoy it. It’s yours on the Demo tab here. The zipped package includes:

  • the full-function demo
  • the demo readme which includes login instructions and
  • the 33 page demo manual with an Appendix step-by-step walk-thru tutorial

Here’s a sample from the new SM13 Demo:

SM13 Jobs Entry Screen -- Estimates tab

SM13 Jobs Entry Screen — Estimates tab

Now back to updating the screenshots on this site. You’ll occasionally be seeing Studio Manager 12 screenshots instead of our much better-looking SM13 until this part of our launch is complete.

The Studio Manager 13 product is for sale now. We’ve taken the liberty of putting in a $200 discount across the price list which both new buyers and upgraders may appreciate. The single-user version is now down to $695 from $895 which it has been selling for the last couple releases.

Upgraders get the $200 discount and then get to apply a 30-60% discount on top of it. Upgraders should check out our Upgrades tab for pricing and other tips.

We are here to answer your questions at 415 937-0393 which rings our old-fashioned land line and Janet’s iPhone. We love to hear from you including your suggestions and requests, praise and complaints too. Go for it! You can comment here if you like but feel free to call


OK. We have the product available for sale — finally! Yay. We’ve already sold a couple copies to those who couldn’t wait any longer. Now we need to get our demo and demo manual done for those who want to kick the tires. That’s looking like next Monday, August 4th. If you want it sooner, though, come and get it. Questions are welcome too.

We actually have the first full-function version of the demo done and will be posting it in a day or two. Call Janet if you can’t wait another minute at Google Voice: 415 937-0393 which rings land line and iPhone to better serve you in a timely manner. Favor the iPhone voicemail if you don’t reach me and want to leave a message. I’ll send you a download link for the demo in its basic form sans fully revised Demo manual but still great for a test run!

Check out the SM13 and iOS tabs above for more details. They are being fleshed out still as of Thursday afternoon, July 31 but should be fully fleshed out by tomorrow.

Remember you can get a free trial version of FileMaker Pro 13 at filemaker.com and the FileMaker Go 13 app is free.

By the way, we may concoct a bargain or two over the weekend for your buying pleasure. Early adopters will get refunds if one is coming!


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