This is our new Studio Manager 13 Demo

This is our new Studio Manager 13 Demo

The free and full-function Studio Manager 13 Demo is now available. It requires FileMaker Pro 13 or the free trial version of FileMaker Pro 13. We are still selling Studio Manager 12.5 for those who desperately need a good solution for managing their creative services work but aren’t ready to upgrade to FileMaker Pro 13 just yet.

This demo is really nice – our best yet. We tested, updated our demo data and then tested running the demo against the revised demo manual. We hope you enjoy it. It’s yours on the Demo tab here. The zipped package includes:

  • the full-function demo
  • the demo readme which includes login instructions and
  • the 33 page demo manual with an Appendix step-by-step walk-thru tutorial

Here’s a sample from the new SM13 Demo:

SM13 Jobs Entry Screen -- Estimates tab

SM13 Jobs Entry Screen — Estimates tab

Now back to updating the screenshots on this site. You’ll occasionally be seeing Studio Manager 12 screenshots instead of our much better-looking SM13 until this part of our launch is complete.

The Studio Manager 13 product is for sale now. We’ve taken the liberty of putting in a $200 discount across the price list which both new buyers and upgraders may appreciate. The single-user version is now down to $695 from $895 which it has been selling for the last couple releases.

Upgraders get the $200 discount and then get to apply a 30-60% discount on top of it. Upgraders should check out our Upgrades tab for pricing and other tips.

We are here to answer your questions at 415 937-0393 which rings our old-fashioned land line and Janet’s iPhone. We love to hear from you including your suggestions and requests, praise and complaints too. Go for it! You can comment here if you like but feel free to call


OK. We have the product available for sale — finally! Yay. We’ve already sold a couple copies to those who couldn’t wait any longer. Now we need to get our demo and demo manual done for those who want to kick the tires. That’s looking like next Monday, August 4th. If you want it sooner, though, come and get it. Questions are welcome too.

We actually have the first full-function version of the demo done and will be posting it in a day or two. Call Janet if you can’t wait another minute at Google Voice: 415 937-0393 which rings land line and iPhone to better serve you in a timely manner. Favor the iPhone voicemail if you don’t reach me and want to leave a message. I’ll send you a download link for the demo in its basic form sans fully revised Demo manual but still great for a test run!

Check out the SM13 and iOS tabs above for more details. They are being fleshed out still as of Thursday afternoon, July 31 but should be fully fleshed out by tomorrow.

Remember you can get a free trial version of FileMaker Pro 13 at and the FileMaker Go 13 app is free.

By the way, we may concoct a bargain or two over the weekend for your buying pleasure. Early adopters will get refunds if one is coming!



So far in our previews this month we’ve just shown you a couple screenshots on the iPad version of Studio Manager 13. This time we are going to tip our hand on the Mac (and PC if you are so inclined) version of Studio Manager 13. Here’s the entry screen. Click to see the retina version.

By the way, this screen shown here will fit on a 13″ screen when you are mobile. On bigger screens you can always increase the size if your eyes need some R&R. I just compared the full-size screen to the same screen on my retina MacBook Pro and the screen shown here is about 10% smaller than life size.

When we actually release Studio Manager 13 this month it may include a few surprises so don’t take this as the final final, but if you like this, expect to love SM13. The beauty of being able to style objects and create a custom theme is that you can change everything with a few clicks. Stay tuned.

This version of Studio Manager requires FileMaker Pro 13. SM12.5 can run with FileMaker Pro 12.



This is our estimates screen on the iPad (it’s still in progress so bear with us). If you are in the field with your client, you might find this useful to close a new deal. Click the screenshot to see a decent full-sized version. Notice the 3 PDFs you can create with one tap from the sidebar: an Estimate, a budget and an Estimate Status report. If you are an account exec or owner, you don’t always have that computer with you or you don’t want it sitting in your meeting creating a barrier between you and your client. You can create new estimates on the fly (away from your desk or out in the world) with just your iPad from the Jobs entry screen.

SM13 on the Desktop. We know most creative services groups are interested in Mac features of Studio Manager, and we will pause here to get to that. But, we’ve all seen Yosemite and iOS8 and can see that iPads and even iPhones (especially that rumored mondo 5.5″ one) are going to be key productivity tools. So, we continue to go full speed ahead on this new FileMaker Go piece of Studio Manager 13.

Theming Studio Manager. But keep in mind, the vast majority of our Studio Manager 13 work has been on the desktop version. We have 400+ layouts for entry screens, reports, dialogs, list screens and table views for just the desktop and less than 100 for iPad and iPhone.

FileMaker 13 lets you create custom themes with object styles to allow you to change the look of a field or screen everywhere with one selection. There’s no CSS to worry about. You just select attributes like font type and size for the object type you want to style. One more click changes every object of that type throughout Studio Manager 13. However, all of this power depends on some up front work. There are a few default styles and default object types but most of the UI objects, need to be assigned a style. For example, entry screen fields get the default field style. But so do list screen fields and portal fields. The problem is that portal fields should be transparent and entry screen fields shouldn’t. That’s what we’ve been doing for six months, inventing and assigning styles throughout our 400+ layouts.

So, you, my dear designer, don’t have to. You get to just change the object styles for an object type and throw the switch and rock and roll. This works on the iPad and iPhone entry screens and everywhere else in Studio Manager. All we ask is that you show us what your version of Studio Manager looks like (if you are willing). We would love to see Studio Manager looking off the charts cool.

By the way, if you want to imagine using this estimate entry screen or yesterday’s timesheet, navigate to this page on your iPad and tap the screenshot for a full size view.


It is July 2nd and we had hoped to be done with Studio Manager 13 by now. Not quite. We are perfectionists like our clients and aren’t done making Studio Manager 13 look exactly like it should.

Our new target release date is July 15. To tide you over for a bit, here is the current not quite perfected Timesheet Entry screen as seen on the iPad. FileMaker 13 is much faster than FileMaker 12 and the new iPads are wicked fast so timesheets on an iPad work just fine thank you!

If your firm or work group is really on its game, time can be tracked by task as well as kind of work giving production staff a way to see how much time is left on a given task. Perfectionists sometimes need reminders that the allotted time for a given task is expended.


We’ve been working on Studio Manager 13 since FileMaker 13 came out in early December. Our target is a release on July 1. Cross your fingers, as we all know by now software development targets can be difficult to wrangle to completion. Our final pieces are now down to a little more layout work, some optimizations, testing and a new features instruction guide.

We love what we can do with 13 but are so busy working that we will at least temporarily postpone detailed discussion about our new release except to say that we think you will find the new look to be a big step forward from Studio Manager 12.

By the way, we also have Studio Manager 12.5 honed to work with FileMaker 13 or FileMaker 12 whichever works best for you. If you need or prefer to stay on FileMaker 12 for now, SM12.5 is for you allowing you to move to 13 at any time in the future without a second thought.

We will try to shoehorn in a couple more blog posts to give you a better idea of what you will find in Studio Manager 13 between now and the end of the month. One thing to note, that our current demo is pre Studio Manager 12.5 just this minute so if it has a few glitches in FileMaker 13, don’t be concerned. The 12.5 product fixes the visual glitches that come in FileMaker 13 due to further improvements that shifted a few things around.

Please don’t hesitate for a minute to contact us about any questions on either version, on FileMaker versions on iPad or iPhone functions… Our contact information is here.


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