SM14_Jobs_iPhone6PlusJust a reminder. Studio Manager 13 and 14 both have layouts for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus as well as their 6s equivalents. More screen real estate is welcome on these devices. With FileMaker Go 14, access times are great even from a half way decent cellular connection. If you don’t have Studio Manager setup for remote access, get your tech-knowledgeable employee or contractor to set you up.

We also have iPad layouts and will be working on iPad Pro versions in Studio Manager 15. Some of you have been using your iPhones more as size has become more reasonable for data access and even reporting (another SM13-14 feature).

The iPhone layout here is for the 6 Plus. Those of you doing some of your surfing on your iPhone 6 Plus or 6s Plus might want to try it out live.


FileMaker 14

FileMaker Inc. announced today that they are working on an update:

FileMaker, Inc. is planning to release updates to address compatibility issues with OS X El Capitan as well as other general bug fixes. FileMaker, recommends that you wait for these updates before using FileMaker with OS X El Capitan.

Unfortunately, there is no word yet on when that update is expected to be released. I’ve so far heard mixed reviews from those using FileMaker 14 on the El Capitan Gold Master. Some have had good luck. Others warn of danger damaging files. So, I would take FileMaker Inc.’s advice and wait for this impending upgrade to FileMaker 14.

FileMaker 13 and Prior Versions of FileMaker Pro

FileMaker Inc. also had something to say about prior versions of FileMaker Pro:

FileMaker 13 and earlier versions of FileMaker have not been tested or certified with OS X El Capitan).  These products were developed and released before OS X El Capitan became available.

While these earlier versions may install and run, you may encounter installation and stability issues for which there is no resolution.

Our experience on previous OS X Upgrades and FileMaker is that this is likely to be the last official word from FileMaker Inc. on these pre-14 versions of FileMaker.

We will be keeping up on this issue informally with other FileMaker consultants and developers to determine the safety of running prior versions of FileMaker under OS X 10.11 El Capitan. As I mentioned in the previous post today, it may work to run FileMaker 13 and prior as a guest under El Capitan but may never work safely running earlier versions of FileMaker under El Capitan. FileMaker Inc. won’t commit to the safety of such an undertaking.

We advise you to avoid upgrading a Mac to El Capitan if you need to run your own FileMaker files locally on that computer. Around Tokerud Consulting Group, we have Macs all the way back to one of the first Mac minis that can still run OS 9 Classic so that we can help folks who need to convert their FileMaker systems from all the way back to FileMaker II 1.0.


FileMaker Pro 13 and Lower

It’s unlikely there will be an OK from FileMaker Inc. to run FileMaker Pro 13 or lower under OS X El Capitan. And if so, it would only be for FileMaker Pro 13 not, for example, FileMaker Pro 11 or 12.

I’ve found that I can run FileMaker Pro 11 as a guest while running OS X Yosemite as long as the FileMaker Server is on a lower numbered version of OS X and is running the Server version of FileMaker 10 or 11. That’s been nice. But who knows with a OS X El Capitan?

If you are running FileMaker Server 14, you may have luck with FileMaker Pro 14 as a guest even if you are on El Capitan because your precious data is on the Server. But don’t mess with it on Day one. More will be revealed.

FileMaker Pro 14 is Certain to Get Certification for OS X El Capitan

If you are running FileMaker Pro 14, you may soon be in luck. Maybe even today we’ll get a green light from FileMaker Inc. but no such green light has yet occurred as of Sep 30 11:00 am PDT.

If you want to check directly at FileMaker Inc. use their Knowledgebase page and search for OS X El Capitan. Searching a moment ago, there are still 0 responses. That should change within 24 hours with some kind of update information which might just say, we aren’t done checking it out yet.

FileMaker does check compatibility with betas so has been testing but reserves final approval for an actual release version of a new version of OS X and then tests the latest version of FileMaker Pro in earnest.

FileMaker Server 14

There are usually more conservative rules about OS X versions for FileMaker Server. And, there is usually a longer delay for certification for a new release of OS X when it comes to FileMaker Server.

FileMaker Go 14 and iOS 9 is Certified

We already have a new update for FileMaker Go 14 (14.0.3 came out yesterday) and it supports Split View and Slide Over if your iPad can handle it. And it works just fine on iPhones as well.

Earlier Versions of Studio Manager

Maybe all this commotion and possibly excitement is making you think about upgrading FileMaker Pro to FileMaker Pro 13 or 14. If so, feel free to run your questions by me. I’ve found that Studio Manager 11 and earlier will work pretty well on FileMaker 13 and FileMaker 14 with a few visual glitches on the entry screens and possibly a couple other relatively minor issues.

My designer clients may not be pleased with those few visual glitches, but this may be a good solution for those who aren’t ready to bite the bullet for a Studio Manager 14 Upgrade but need to upgrade their OS X.

The other approach is to upgrade both FileMaker 14 and Studio Manager 14. You will then get a great looking version of Studio Manager that has good support for iOS as well. But you will need to migrate your data over if you aren’t satisfied with starting with a clean slate. See the Studio Manager upgrade page for details.


FileMaker Pro 14 is now about 3 months old and is good to go and clearly better than FileMaker Pro 13 and quite a bit better than FileMaker Pro 12. We have not as yet gotten requests to back track a little and make Studio Manager 14 also run on FileMaker Pro 13, so we are taking that as a sign.

FileMaker Pro 12 and beyond is a big architectural leap forward for FileMaker Inc.. As technology goes more mobile and cloud-based, technology-based software has to adapt in big ways. FileMaker is owned by Apple, so when it comes to iOS, they are going to have strong support and a strong foundation.

When you change the foundation fairly radically like was done in FileMaker 12 and beyond, you need time to fully build out the new features. FileMaker 14 is a very strong and improved step in that process and we aren’t eager to take a step backwards. We need to move forwards and will do so in our subsequent releases.

We recommend FileMaker 14. It is required by Studio Manager 14. On Mac, you need OS X 10.9 Mavericks to play. If you aren’t ready for Mavericks we have Studio Manager 13.1 for you — a very solid release and well worth your while if you need a jump up with your Studio Manager software or, heaven forbid, haven’t joined our band wagon. Please direct all calls or emails to chief Studio Manager architect, Janet Tokerud, at 415 272-8563 or


SM14 Jobs Entry Screen

Updated 11:20 pm July 8 — See below.

Editing manuals in Pages is not my idea of fun but we have the Studio Manager 14 Demo for you and it includes a Demo Manual and a Demo Readme. Go to Demo download page.

For now we recommend that you run it on FileMaker Pro 14, not FileMaker Pro 13. There’s a free trial version of FileMaker 14 if you need it. We are looking at the places where we use FileMaker Pro 14 technologies that are problematic in 13 to see if we can find some simple workarounds. More information to follow on this.

FileMaker Go 14 for your iPhone 4 to 6 Plus and iPads is free but does require iOS 8.1 or higher.

Although most of our customers are glued to big screens during their work day and use Studio Manager there, there are options. If you want to have some fun and you are on your iPhone or iPad right now, you can download and run the demo from your iDevice. I used iCab Mobile just now and have the demo running on my iPhone 6 Plus as we speak.

Update: We’ve begun testing with FileMaker Pro and Go 13 to see if we can find some workarounds. We’ll make an assessment in detail tomorrow and have more information for you. Please contact Janet if you want to weigh in. We may simply have 2 versions — one of which will be called Studio Manager 13.5.


The Studio Manager 14 software is done, tested and refined. Now we come to completing edits to our documentation so that these are usable. Hoping to have the demo up tonight. Yay! We will be updating you as things progress from here. Screenshots are coming to our tour and iOS tabs.


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