FileMaker 10 may have issues with Snow Leopard

September 5, 2009

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Snow_LeopardI have been trying to do some importing with fairly large interrelated files using FileMaker Pro 10.3 and Snow Leopard in single-user mode. I’ve had several crashes in about a 1/2 hour of efforts. Will now be switching to a machine with Leopard installed and re-do the work. Be forewarned that unspecified problems with FileMaker Pro 10 and Snow Leopard may occur. I’m sure we’ll get clarification soon. I will post an update once I know more. Meanwhile I would recommend against running this combo for the time being.

Update Sep 6 noon PDT: The problem may not be with FileMaker 10. The problem I experienced may be due to one or more of my Filemaker plugins that need updates. I will get all my current plugins up to date and then test again. 360Works updated all of their plugins for Snow Leopard on August 28.

Update Sep 8 11am PDT: Removed all extensions in the FileMaker applications folder. Haven’t tested extensively, but I’ve had a couple crashes of FileMaker since then. Maybe I have a specific other conflict with FileMaker. But what? Next project is to try running FileMaker as the only running app and do a few things and see how that goes.

Resource: Camp Software has good blog post summarizing known issues dated Aug 28.

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