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The main thing to know is that FileMaker Go 15 is free and faster than ever with a flatter UI. It’s good. (Some of these screenshots are out of date already. The demo is circa July 2016. We are working on all fronts right now to get this version 15 out the door by Dec 21 or so.)

It’s handy to have your mission-critical data available from an iPhone or iPad. It’s a little like having an extra seat of FileMaker without paying sometimes because time and tasks can be updated from an iPhone or iPad.

And once you step out the door without your Mac, iOS rules. A freelancer without FileMaker can give you what you need (time and task completion) from an iPad or iPhone.

With Studio Manager 15, access your business data inside your office, on the road or at home. Create and edit data and run reports (including estimates and invoices) that can be sent anywhere via email as PDFs. If you aren’t on an iPad or iPhone right now, you may want to return on an iOS device and tap some of the iOS screenshots to see them for yourself.

Studio Manager Mobile for iOS is integrated into the Studio Manager 15 product. It doesn’t recreate the full feature set of Studio Manager. Rather, it offers you access to the most essential features of Studio Manager.

Studio Manager 15 Mobile received a gorgeous facelift, gained new features and takes advantage of the current version of FileMaker Go 15 which is even faster than 14.

By including mobile access from either an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or iPad mini, Studio Manager has become a leader in the development of time and expense management solutions based on FileMaker. This distinction is recognized at the source, FileMaker Inc, via the Studio Manager Badge: “Optimized for iPad / iPhone”:


Mobile Challenges

On a mobile device, the screens are smaller while the pointing device (most often, your fingertip) is larger. This means that the relative space between objects on the screen must also be larger. The mobile layouts are not just simplified. They are the result of carefully modifying screens one at a time by removing non-essentials and improving clarity to maximize the power of these smaller devices.

For Studio Manager, this means that there are separate layouts for the 2 primary types of iOS devices: iPad and iPhone/iPod touch. iPhone layouts are grouped at the top of the Layouts menu. These layouts are intended for use with iPhone 4 through 6s+. Layout names begin with a “◊” or diamond shape. iPhone 5 and 6+ specific layout names end with a “5” or “6+”. iPhone 6 is the default (no number follows the table name). Because these are especially small devices, the screens look quite different than those on the computer or iPad. But if all you have is what’s in your pocket, it better still help you get the job done and even we are surprised at what the iPhone version can do.

iPad and iPad mini layout names start with the special character “” which you will recognize as the solid Apple logo. These layouts are grouped together below the iPhone layouts on the menu. Screens on the iPad look more similar to those on a computer. The actually quite roomy iPad mini has such sharp resolution, that regular iPad layouts are used despite the smaller form factor. We had both devices while developing the iPad version and tested to make sure the mini could do the job. We figure people who have trouble with smaller screens will buy the Air and those who like it a little smaller will already have the iPad mini. By the way, the retina mini is super fast. We can hardly imagine the speeds that will be attained in the next versions of iPads. Soon we’ll be adding layouts for the brand new iPad Pro.

FileMaker Go is capable of recognizing the type of mobile device you are using. So Studio Manager 14 Mobile will always show you the correct screen layouts. This allows you to seamlessly move between Apple devices. For the time being, FileMaker  Go only supports iOS and FileMaker, Inc. has not indicated any inclination to extend that support to Android or any other mobile operating system. The buzz is “don’t hold your breath.”

Here’s What You Need: 

  • icon_fmgoFileMaker Go 15 installed on your iOS device (download free from the App Store).
  • A multi-user version of Studio Manager 15 installed and running as the network host.
  • Access to Wi-Fi.
  • A sufficient number of seats (purchased for Studio Manager) to cover all access nodes, mobile as well as computer. If you host with FileMaker Pro 15, you get up to 5 devices connected at once.

Sample timesheet on iPhone 6

Here’s What You Get:

  • Remote access to your Studio Manager data in real time, from down the hall to across the world.
From an iPhone
  • Create: Timesheets
  • Edit: Contacts, Jobs, Tasks, Timesheets
  • View: Calendar, Contacts, Jobs, Tasks and Timesheets
  • Generate reports and send them to yourself or others as PDF documents via email
From an iPad
  • Create: Contacts, Timesheets, Tasks
  • Edit: Contacts, Jobs, Tasks, Timesheets
  • View: Calendar, Contacts, Jobs, Estimates, Job Costs, Invoices, Tasks and Timesheets
  • Generate reports and send them to yourself or others as PDF documents via email

Employee Dashboard showing Today’s timesheet on iPad.

Each employee or freelancer timesheet and task list is available in his or her dashboard. Time and tasks are updated live. Here’s the Tasks tab:

Employee Dashboard on iPad showing Tasks – click on image to enlarge

Check out the free full-function demo (it’s SM14 from July, not as good as what is in the works right now but you’ll get the idea.). Free Demo.

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