FileMaker 14 Good to Go with OS X El Capitan

December 9, 2015 Compatibility

FileMaker Pro 14.o4 will run just fine under OS X El Capitan It didn’t take long for FileMaker Inc. to issue FileMaker Pro 14.03 and certify it as working with Mac OS X El Capitan in October but there were still some issues. Since then FileMaker Pro 14.04 has been released and we are finding […]

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Studio Manager 14 Supports iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 6/6s Plus

November 19, 2015 FileMaker 14

Just a reminder. Studio Manager 13 and 14 both have layouts for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus as well as their 6s equivalents. More screen real estate is welcome on these devices. With FileMaker Go 14, access times are great even from a half way decent cellular connection. If you don’t have Studio Manager […]

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FileMaker is Working on a FileMaker 14 Update for El Capitan

September 30, 2015 SM News

FileMaker 14 FileMaker Inc. announced today that they are working on an update: FileMaker, Inc. is planning to release updates to address compatibility issues with OS X El Capitan as well as other general bug fixes. FileMaker, recommends that you wait for these updates before using FileMaker with OS X El Capitan. Unfortunately, there is no […]

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Studio Manager Users Need to Wait on OS X El Capitan

September 30, 2015 El Capitan

FileMaker Pro 13 and Lower It’s unlikely there will be an OK from FileMaker Inc. to run FileMaker Pro 13 or lower under OS X El Capitan. And if so, it would only be for FileMaker Pro 13 not, for example, FileMaker Pro 11 or 12. I’ve found that I can run FileMaker Pro 11 as […]

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Why Studio Manager 14 Requires FileMaker 14

August 13, 2015 FileMaker 12

FileMaker Pro 14 is now about 3 months old and is good to go and clearly better than FileMaker Pro 13 and quite a bit better than FileMaker Pro 12. We have not as yet gotten requests to back track a little and make Studio Manager 14 also run on FileMaker Pro 13, so we […]

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Studio Manager 14 Free Demo is Available

July 8, 2015 FileMaker 14

Updated 11:20 pm July 8 — See below. Editing manuals in Pages is not my idea of fun but we have the Studio Manager 14 Demo for you and it includes a Demo Manual and a Demo Readme. Go to Demo download page. For now we recommend that you run it on FileMaker Pro 14, not […]

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Studio Manager 14 Product and Demo Complete

July 8, 2015 New Version

The Studio Manager 14 software is done, tested and refined. Now we come to completing edits to our documentation so that these are usable. Hoping to have the demo up tonight. Yay! We will be updating you as things progress from here. Screenshots are coming to our tour and iOS tabs.

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Studio Manager 14 Release Imminent

July 5, 2015 FileMaker 14

Release Tuesday We plan to release Studio Manager 14 this Tuesday, July 7. In the meantime we will be working on release details including this website with new screenshots, documentation and an email announcement. And, yeah, we can take your order if you want to get the ball rolling now. New Features The 2 new features […]

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Studio Manager 14 in the Works with 2 Target Releases

May 28, 2015 FileMaker 14

We have been in communication with FileMaker Inc. to get some pointers on how to best handle the iPhone layout formatting issues appearing in FileMaker 14 that did not present issues in FileMaker 13. 2 Release Targets Studio Manager 14.0. The first release of Studio Manager 14 will be more of an Update to Studio Manager 13 so that […]

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Tweaking Studio Manager Layout Issues on iPhone with FileMaker 14

May 19, 2015 SM News

Most of our design clients are using big screened Macs when running Studio Manager and are doing so using FileMaker Pro. FileMaker Pro 14 has a lot of great new development features that will be especially valuable if you want to customize Studio Manager. We are finding one minor issue with the iPhone to report when […]

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