Studio Manager does Payables

Shortcuts. There are Some Nice Buttons to allow you to quickly enter payables. Try the Pay in Full button for the quick entry of amount and date paid. And the new line button will pay off partially paid payables in one click.

Handling Statements like Credit Cards. Payables lets you allocate a single invoice you’ve received to multiple jobs – which you need to do.

This is an optional module for those of you who like to have what you are owed tracked in FileMaker, we provide a powerful Payables capability for that purpose.


Payables Entry Screen showing Allocation tab

To see a list of all current payables, click on the Find A/P button. You see the List Screen showing payables that are due. Use the Payments tab on the entry screen to record payments you’ve made.

Each vendor you use regularly can be assigned a specific days to pay so you can have a faster turnaround for some vendors than others.

When you pass your preset calculated deadline, the message “OVERDUE” is displayed prominently.


Payables Entry Screen showing Payments tabĀ 

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