Purchase Orders

Studio Manager Purchase Orders


Purchase Order Entry Screen with line item entry

SM13_POs_CommandsLots of design firms like to use purchase orders to keep control of expenses and define parameters and costs to their vendors. POs help you make sure both parties know what’s expected. You don’t have to use purchase orders, but they are here if you want them and are fully integrated with Studio Manager.

When supplier invoices come in, click the “Convert to Payable” button to convert the original PO into a payable. The line items in your PO are actually records in the Job Costs file, so you don’t have to enter them again later.

Two types of purchase orders. We offer both a line-item type of PO and a big text field description type of PO so that you can use whichever you prefer depending on the circumstances. See the screen shot above for main entry screen with itemized entry and same screen tab 2 for our big description for 1 price version.


SM13 PO Entry Screen – Single item tab

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