Studio Manager 15


  • After final testing, Studio Manager 15 is available. Release date was December 26, 2016. It runs beautifully on FileMaker Pro 15 and just fine on 14. We love 15 because it’s a more powerful and more secure version of FileMaker. Highly recommended.
  • Excellent iPhone and iPad versions are included. Most of our customers use Studio Manager 15 from their desktop and laptop Macs. But some like the convenience and portability of being able to access Studio Manager, when on the go or on the couch, with an iPhone or iPad. The performance is great on these mobile devices. We trimmed Studio Manager to essentials for data entry of time and tasks. Reporting includes the ability to print invoices directly from your iOS mobile device to your AirPrint-enabled printer. See our iOS tour above.
  • FileMaker 15’s enhanced support for object states, SVG graphics and their cool new button bar objects gave us an amazing playing field this last 7 months. Last year we implemented a load of cool features and this year we got to take it to another level, after getting our feet wet with Studio Manager 14.5. This year we revisited SM14.5 with our trusty fine tooth comb, perfecting and tweaking the look. The final result is a more sharp-looking, responsive tool that will engage your users and yourself. It never hurts for your mission-critical application to be appealing and fun to use.
  • The new SM15 Demo is also available. Open the Demo tab. Usually we get the demo out just a couple days after we announce the product. This year it was up by December 27. The demo allows you to see for yourself: Studio Manager’s features are life changing stuff if you’ve never had a way to make running the business of creative services sane and simple. We know how hectic things get in your world. When your client asks for the umpteenth change, you need to know whether to say yes or no or fire up a change order pronto.
  • Starts at the amazing price of $695 for the full product single-user license. 4-user is $1395, 10-user $2295. Volume discounts drive the seat cost down as the number of seats goes up.

What’s New in Studio Manager 15?

Built upon and flattened the compact, readable CSS Theme from SM14. CSS-styled every nook and cranny (FileMaker tech speak for “layout”) so you can now change colors, fonts, sizes, alignment, capitalization and more all across Studio Manager rather than doing it one layout at a time. You just modify a Style and update it to the Theme to change formatting to your liking across all layouts using that Style. SM14.5 was close; now we’ve gone all the way with 15.

Replaced the theme for all 3 supported sizes of iPhone: iPhone SE (and 5), iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (including 6 and 6 Plus). We introduced button bars and lots of goodies for the UI last year but we’re just getting used to our new powers. We put in hours of our time perfecting the user interface for you, to make using Studio Manager 15 fun as well as easy to use. Which means your hard working staff will pay more attention and give you the data your need to run the business well and with ease.

Studio Manager 15 is faster than ever thanks to another breakthrough in responsiveness from FileMaker 15. FileMaker Pro 15 and its little sister FileMaker Go 15 have been seriously optimized. Especially on the iPad and iPhone, things snap. No more waiting for screen redraws with fast broadband. FileMaker continues to tweak their product, continually adding to performance and squashing bugs. Thanks to automatic updating of MacOS and iOS, you are kept current whether you pay attention to such details or not.

Clearly, we want you to get FileMaker 15 to run Studio Manager 15, but our testing and experience show that you can keep running FileMaker 14, if speed and security are not priorities for you right now.

Big Upgrades to iOS Functionality. Once you start running FileMaker 15 and Studio Manager 15, iOS opens up in a big way. FileMaker Go 15 for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch is free! So, don’t hesitate. This works on our demo too if you want to try it out. You can actually install the demo of Studio Manager 15 on your iPad or iPhone and check it out at your convenience.

Most important in iOS:

  • Speed. FileMaker Go 15 is extremely robust and fast. We expect Filemaker Go to continuously get faster and more feature rich as FileMaker and Apple keep driving the iPhone and iPad platform forward.
  • Create Jobs and more. The iPad version allows you to create jobs, estimates and invoices wherever it’s convenient, like at your client’s office. Can you imagine how impressed you customer will be? No waiting!
  • Key Reports. The 13 most essential reports are available from your iPhone or iPad like Job Status and A/R.
  • Timesheets and Tasks. Essential features like the entry of timesheets and the ability to see your assigned tasks and mark them done are much more useable due to a robust, improved FileMaker Go 15 architecture.
  • Storing PDFs. FileMaker Go 15 is great with PDFs, you can now store the PDF for each invoice right in the Invoices entry screen, on its own tab. That way the exact record of what went out the door to the client is there for reference. If you like this, you can add additional documents to the database such as estimate PDFs. The 80-20 rule means that storing a few key documents in a small amount of storage often makes a big difference.