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May 23, 2019

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It’s Great, but Don’t Go Live with FileMaker 18 Quite Yet!

This is my version of the warning not to start running your mission critical database with a brand new version of FileMaker in the first month of release. You can buy it now, no problem with that. Use it now on a TEST COPY for a bit. Now, this is in no way to disparage FileMaker 18., a subsidiary of Apple, is amazing and protects your data and database better than anyone.

Luckily for you, some firms HAVE to upgrade right this minute and test their hearts out and go live in these early days and the rest of us can benefit — as long as we wait a little while. You can do all sorts of testing on COPIES of your mission critical database while you wait for those who have to go first.

We have already run COPIES of our software in development on the beta of FileMaker 18 and on the release version of FileMaker Pro 18 Advanced we downloaded yesterday. I’ve discovered some really great new features so far and am thrilled to explore its new features. So let’s get on with the fun.

What Does it Take to Run FileMaker 18 in your shop or department?

FileMaker says it best as long as you go to the right page. Get the full skinny at filemaker.comĀ here. If you don’t want to click that link, I’ve got very best of it for you here:

System requirements for FileMaker Pro 18 Advanced:

Note that macOS Sierra 10.12 is no longer supported. Be sure to update your operating system before upgrading to FileMaker Pro 18 Advanced.

Certified Operating System*
Windows 10 Pro Edition
Windows 10 Enterprise Edition
32-bit and 64-bit
October 2018 Update
Windows 8.1 Standard Edition
Windows 8.1 Pro Edition
System updates 2919355 and 2999226
Windows 7 SP1 Professional Edition
Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate Edition
System update 2999226
macOS Mojave 10.14
macOS High Sierra 10.13

*Version stated is the minimum requirement. FileMaker Pro Advanced may also work with later operating systems certified by FileMaker, Inc. Operating systems not listed in the table above have not been tested and are not supported.

Hardware Requirements for FileMaker Pro 18 Advanced

Minimum Requirements Recommended Requirements
Windows CPU: 1 GHz or faster x86- or x64-bit processor
CPU: 1 GHz or faster x86- or x64-bit processor
RAM: 2 GB or more
Mac RAM: 2 GB RAM: 4 GB or more

How Long Must We Wait to Go Live?

I like waiting about 6 weeks before installing FileMaker 18 Server or myself or my users running a mission critical database in a new version of FileMaker. But I’m ready on day one, to tell you to buy FileMaker Pro 18 or to download a free trial version of it. Test a COPY with FileMaker 18 Advanced first. If you are getting new hardware for your FileMaker 18 Server, you can install it and immediately test using the Example database file that will already be in the Databases folder after you install FileMaker Server. Then, go back to your Mac or PC that’s got either FileMaker 18 Advanced or the Trial Version of it installed and try out the Example DB. If that goes well. Put a COPY of your mission critical db on there and test that.

Why Bother with FileMaker 18?

First of all, tech is changing rapidly, security is more important than ever and FileMaker is the easiest best desktop database out there. They are aggressively adding new features and new ways of making FileMaker better than ever. It is the #1 database for the desktop and on iOS. But it can’t stand still and neither can you if you want to stay current.

My Favorite Feature so Far

Importing. I’m a FileMaker developer, so I like things that may or may not be at the top of your list. My favorite on day 1 is the vastly improved importing capabilities in 18. Databases excel at certain key things: importing data, data entry, exporting data and lots of cool processing tricks. Notice that Importing is in the top 4 here. Sometimes another department, program, web service or app has some good data you need whether it is MailChimp or something else, this process of getting that unruly data into your database the way you want it just got a lot easier yesterday when FileMaker 18 was released.

When you upgrade Studio Manager, your data needs to be imported in to the brand new copy of Studio Manager — soon to be Studio Manager 18. The importing facilities in FileMaker 18 just got great. I tend to update clients overnight or over the weekend. Guess what happened to my nights and weekends? Any distress there has been in matching fields and adding custom fields and making sure the import goes flawlessly has gone bye bye. That’s one I can tell you in the first 24 hours. Stay tuned and enjoy another great release of FileMaker!

Of course, feel free to contact us:

Email for the fastest response. If you’ve got our phone number handy (on the About Screen in the Studio Manager Demo or Product), feel free to text or call.

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