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This Help page is for the benefit of Studio Manager users. It contains links to articles, that describe in detail, specific topics. It will be less useful for those evaluating for possible purchase and more useful to those who are new to using Studio Manager, or you old hands who seek in-depth instructions regarding certain features. Leave a comment if there is a topic you would like to see that doesn’t exist yet.

To see step by step instructions illustrated with screen grabs from Studio Manager 11, click on a link. To enlarge a small graphic image (reduced to fit the column width) move the pointer over the graphic. If it turns into a hand, there is a larger image. Just click on the graphic to open the larger one. Use the back button to return to the article.

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Studio Manager Help Articles


Installing Studio Manager
Setting up Studio Manager 12 – Overview
Setting up Billing Codes
Setting up Contacts
Setting up Jobs

Jobs: Introduction and Overview
Assigning People to Jobs
Component Jobs

Estimating: Introduction and Overview
Creating and Managing Estimates
Managing Estimates from Jobs and Contacts

Manage Database Function

These articles replace an earlier attempt to provide you with online training via ScreenSteps. Although we are using ScreenSteps Pro to create the articles, we no longer maintain a ScreenSteps Live website.

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