Studio Manager 14 in the Works with 2 Target Releases


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We have been in communication with FileMaker Inc. to get some pointers on how to best handle the iPhone layout formatting issues appearing in FileMaker 14 that did not present issues in FileMaker 13.

2 Release Targets

Studio Manager 14.0. The first release of Studio Manager 14 will be more of an Update to Studio Manager 13 so that it runs well on FileMaker 14 and has a flatter UI more consistent with FileMaker 14, Yosemite and iOS 8. We’ll spend a month running Studio Manager 14 and tweaking it to handle any issues we find. We expect that this first version will work well in FileMaker 13 as well. If you like the idea of starting with FileMaker 14 and you want to start July 1 or thereabouts, this is the right version for you to target.

Studio Manager 14.5. After we get Studio Manager 14 released, we will begin work on a more ambitious update to Studio Manager 14. Here we will take advantage of more of FileMaker 14’s new features. This update may be called Studio Manager 14.1 or Studio Manager 14.5 based on the significance and value of the features we add.

As usual please call or email Studio Manager architect, Janet Tokerud, if you have any questions for us.

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