FileMaker 13 Released with Web Access and a lot More


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FileMaker 13 came out on Tuesday! It has web access – for a price – you can buy x number of concurrent users (web or iOS) annually or by the month. This web access is awesome and unlike any other kind of web access ever delivered for a database application.

You can customize in FileMaker Pro and see your changes on FileMaker, iOS or the Web. FileMaker Inc. has intensively worked up what they call FileMaker WebDirect using HTML5. We think WebDirect will rock the web.

You buy in blocks of 5 concurrent users for $25/month. Web access requires FileMaker Server 13 but it is available for $29/month and comes with 1 concurrent users license. FileMaker Go 13 for iOS is a new product on the App store and is still free.

Studio Manager Compatibility with FileMaker Pro 13:

  • You may need help from us to change your startup script to open Studio Manager in FileMaker 13, just contact Janet at or her iPhone at 415 272-8563.
  • Studio Manager 12 is fully compatible but I generally recommend people wait 2 weeks on new releases.
  • Studio Manager 7-11 might have a wrinkle or two but should work.
  • Studio Manager 4 and lower need an extra conversion step to get above FileMaker 11.
  • You can download a trial version of FileMaker 13 and try it as an experiment (not go live conversion) if you are are a customer already or you could open our free Studio Manager 12 Demo in 13.

I’m still thinking about all this, but I would think your lighter users could be WebDirect users and use their web browser instead of FileMaker Pro. Also, I should say further, I haven’t tested Studio Manager 12 thoroughly for WebDirect but I am starting this week so stay tuned.

Before we had FileMaker Instant Web Publishing and Custom Web Publishing but IWP was very limited and Custom Web Publishing relied on a lot of PHP programming to get things to work. Neither appealed to me as a developer because IWP was too weak and PHP isn’t FileMaker-like and doesn’t deliver the FileMaker benefits of rapid application development and easy customization,  additions and maintenance.

By the way, FileMaker 13 delivers on what FileMaker 12 started as far as creating themes and styles in how your layouts look. One change can ripple through all layouts with a simple save to style command. Styles!!! That means anything in Studio Manager with styles attached can be changed across the board. Layout text, fields and buttons have styles already when you open up in FileMaker 13.

Contact us with your questions. Email or texting is good. Phone is great but voicemail is not as fast a way to get in touch with us. Happy holidays!

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