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Studio Manager 18 Pricing

The Price List
All Studio Manager Copies Are Extremely Customizable
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Low Risk Startup Option
What do you charge for support and training?

The Studio Manager 18 Price List

Prices for Studio Manager 18 are shown below. If you are upgrading from a previous version of Studio Manager, you are eligible for a 20-60% discount, see details on our upgrades page.

Keep in mind that Studio Manager 18 requires FileMaker Pro 17 or 18 to run. FileMaker Pro 18 is recommended to take full advantage of this update. If you are new to FileMaker or need to upgrade your FileMaker Pro, you will have an additional expense (see below for more on FileMaker purchases).

We count Studio Manager users as how many concurrent users. This means if you have 5 users on Macs or PCs and 1 on an iPad, that is 6 users. It is not seats. It’s temporary. So, while our prices give big discounts for buying more seats, if you get a message that says, you can’t login because the user limit has been exceeded, you can always, check to see if someone could make room for you and log out for a while so you can check the status of a project or log in your time. Not something you want your people to have to do every day, but nice when it is busy and needed.

Extremely Customizable

The Full Access version of Studio Manager listed at the bottom of the price table gives you the complete source code of Studio Manager. There are absolutely no restrictions on customization with the Unlimited Site License. All other copies of Studio Manager listed by number of users licensed are still extremely customizable in adding fields, modifying fields, scripting, and creating and modifying layouts.

Individual Upgraders can Upgrade from Filemaker 16 or 17 to 18 for $197

That’s about it. Great deal. Your Shortcut to the Individuals Tab at FileMaker Store. You can click with impunity. And Upgrade if $197 works for you. The Full Price for 1 user these days is $540 to buy outright. See lots of options below.

Buying the Team License Might Work for You Especially if you are new to FileMaker

FileMaker also sells FileMaker with a renewable annual license for teams in sizes of 5, 10, 15 etc. in increments of 5. So 5 users is the minimum and it goes up to 10, 15, 20 etc..  Actually, if you have 9 users you select 5-10 Users as your team and then put in 9 to pay for 9 users. The Team license includes FileMaker Server authorized for the team size you purchase.

The 5-person team prices out at $15 per month or $180 per year per user ($900) which is kinda cheap for this #1 rated database when you run a mission-critical app like Studio Manager 18. But, if you have say 7 users, and want to pay per year, it is only $1260/year. Pretty good. The team version of FileMaker includes FileMaker Server, but as soon as you go over 5 users, that is paid for already and you are going up 1 user at a time and getting bigger discounts as you do so. Main advice, click my link above to get to the team license and pick your number of users to get an immediate price quote.

We highly recommend FileMaker Server in-house or FileMaker Cloud as an important investment in your infrastructure. Both offer automated backup and excellent database management features. You’ll have to have FileMaker Server/Cloud if you need to serve 6 or more users. If you are 5 or fewer, it is up to you. The FileMaker Cloud runs on the Amazon cloud. You don’t have to purchase and maintain the hardware on premise and the backups are in the cloud happening like clockwork. FileMaker Cloud is pretty new so we still don’t have full mastery. We are still old school with a Mac mini 2018 and a fixed IP address.

Low Risk Startup

Many of our prospective customers ask to buy a single seat of Studio Manager so they can try it out and customize it a bit to suit their needs. They then want to be able to apply the $695 they paid to a larger number of seats when they’ve decided to move forward.

To help with this, we give you a 90-day grace period when you can add seats and apply your full initial purchase price to the package you decide on. You may ultimately decide, for example, to buy the 10-user license for $2295. As long as you make that purchase within 90 days, your additional cost will be $1600 ($2295 less your initial $695 purchase price).

Our customers often roll out Studio Manager in phases, starting with a single knowledgeable and committed user cracking open the user manual and getting things started. Buying a single-user copy of Studio Manager and a single copy of FileMaker Pro can be a great starting point. You get the full functionality of the product at a very reasonable price. You don’t need a dedicated server. You only need a single copy of FileMaker Pro. Of course, all this is up to you. We just want to provide this low risk option to those who like the gradual approach.

What do you charge for support and training?

By popular demand, we do not bundle support services into the price of Studio Manager and we don’t have a monthly or annual maintenance fee. We’ve been consulting with creative services firms for 20 years and have seen way too many differences from one firm to another. We provide customization, training and support on request.

Recession Bargains. Each member of the Tokerud Consulting Group team has a billing rate. Janet is $150/hour. Scout is $100/hour and Sally is $85/hour. For customizing and training, Janet is the lead consultant. Janet delegates where possible to Sally and Scout as appropriate to save you money.

We provide one hour of free support to answer any quick questions you have as you are getting started. Janet provides the bulk of our tech support in chunks of 10 minutes for $25 each. By judiciously using those 10 minute increments, our customers keep their support costs to a minimum.

As you might imagine, the more a customer gets out of Studio Manager, the more they are inclined to spend on customization so that they can reap further benefit. On average our customers spend a very reasonable $500 to $1,000 with us on support, training and customization. Some of our larger installations spend thousands for fairly elaborate customizations to fit their well-entrenched practices and others spend nothing because they can adapt to industry standard options or because they take care of it in-house. We’ve taken a great deal of care designing the product and writing our user manual so that your support requirements will be limited.


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Glenn Newey September 13, 2012 at 8:11 pm

Hi Studio Manager,

As wee require more detail per line of invoice, are we able to easily edit/customise the invoice layout ourselves – much like MYOB

Janet Tokerud September 16, 2012 at 11:29 am

You can definitely customize Studio Manager Invoices to get lots of variations in look and arrangement. I don’t use MYOB. But FileMaker is known for its end-user database ease of use and that includes modifying layouts. Studio Manager lets you do that in full.

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