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Many creative services firms use FileMaker Pro to correspond with their clients and vendors. They may have files for email, fax coversheets, letters, transmittals and other more specialized needs. We’ve chosen to build a single Mail Log file into Studio Manager so you can quickly review what anyone has been sent. And you can look at a mail log for a job. Owners and senior account execs like this when push comes to shove and they are trying to handle situations that may have evolved between their staff and clients or vendors and now they have been called upon to fix things. The buck stops here problem that you guys are so good at. It often takes the form of a discussion about promises, budgets, emergencies and spec changes.

If you want to generate a standard communication, start in Contacts and find the intended recipient. Then click the “New Mail” button. Studio Manager creates a new letter or email (or other custom form that you’ve added) with phone, email and address information automatically filled in.

You can create a standard look that is adhered to consistently because you’ve designed a form where people simply fill in the blanks. The letter and even fax formats that come with Studio Manager are meant to be modified to include your logo and to fit your typeface and margin requirements.

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