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Update Sep 20 2016: We now enthusiastically recommend FileMaker Pro 15 over FileMaker 14 for all FileMaker Users and for Studio Manager users using Studio Manager 13 through Studio Manager 14.5. If you are running a pre-13 version of Studio Manager, we recommend you do a trial conversion using the free trial version of File Maker 15 to see if you have any issues that would present problems. Contact Janet with any questions (iPhone: 415 272-8563).

Update May 11 3:34. Did some testing with Studio Manager 14.5 on Mac and iPhone 6s Plus and had excellent results. No detected problems. See below for all my cautions but we are pleased because we haven’t found any deal breakers we would want to fix immediately. But there’s more to do and the iPad is yet to be tested at all.

Is it OK to Upgrade to 15 if you are running Studio Manager?

FileMaker Pro 15 came out today and I’m crossing my fingers that no surprises are in store for my early adopter Studio Manager customers. We will be testing Studio Manager 14.5 first and seeing if the generic version we sell crashes or has any limitations. We are currently running FileMaker Server 14 and I’ve opened files from FileMaker Pro Advanced 15 running on my MacBook and they seemed to work fine. This is good news.

But I’m being careful, so haven’t even tried opening the latest rev of Studio Manager 14.5 yet. But I should have it open under FileMaker Pro 15 by morning.

Why Might you Want to Upgrade to FileMaker 15?

I have had a chance to play with the pre-release FileMaker Pro 15, but the real thing seems faster. This is kind of a subtle release in that it isn’t full to the brim with new features and functions but is instead FASTER, easier to use, more responsive, more secure and lots of other things including supporting both 3D touch on the 6s iPhone and Touch ID on iOS.

Warning Time

I hate to bore you if you are an early adopter but please be cautious with running any important FileMaker database you have been using under FileMaker Pro 15. Feel free to buy a copy of FileMaker Pro 15 or just download the free trial version. Make a copy of your favorite, most important FileMaker database (Studio Manager anyone?) and test it in FileMaker 15.

We plan to take a month before we make any claims that Studio Manager 14.5 is fully compatible with FileMaker Pro 15. It’s a big product and we want to make sure everything runs well and as expected. We are crossing our fingers and hopeful but wouldn’t be too surprised if some change requires a tweak here or there.

More to follow

Whatever plans I had for this week just got blown out of the water by this new FileMaker 15. FileMaker development is my livelihood and I will be keeping you apprised of my findings. I will also be posting over on FileMaker Fever about more generic FileMaker 15 things.

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