FileMaker Buy One, Give One Offer Expires on December 20, 2017


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If you are needing at least 2 copies of FileMaker Pro 16 or FileMaker Pro 16 Advanced, you might like this 1/2 price offer on 2 copies. The full normal consumer price for FileMaker Pro 16 is $329 USD. So you get 2 copies for that $329 which means $164.50 each! Don’t miss this if you are up for running FileMaker Pro 16, the best performing, most secure and most powerful version of FileMaker released to date.

Individual Licenses. This works for new full seats. So if you already have some seats of FileMaker 14 or 15 you can pay $197 per seat for upgrades to FileMaker Pro 16. But this BOGO deal is better than that in that you are only paying $164.50 each for these 2 seats.

Team Licenses. Keep in mind that FileMaker also sells team licenses that include FileMaker Server and license you for 5, 10, 15 or more concurrent FileMaker users whether by FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go or their new Web Direct option. (These include FileMaker Server 16 as well as FileMaker Pro.) This works pretty well if you are upgrading your OS pretty regularly if you pay annually. A single year license costs 1/3rd of the cost for a perpetual license of a single version. If you upgrade FileMaker more frequently than every three years this is a no-brainer and provides you with the benefits of these newer versions. Every version improves performance, keeps pace with OS improvements (Windows, OS X and iOS).

Trial Copy of FileMaker Pro 16. If you want to either try out FileMaker Pro 16 or do a trial test run of your copy of Studio Manager with FileMaker Pro 16 before buying it, you and anyone else in your group can download a trial version. We always buy every new version of FileMaker Pro the day it comes out, so I haven’t downloaded this version but have never heard complaints. One caveat is that it seems you may not be able to download the trial version twice on the same computer.

Studio Manager. We work on Studio Manager all year long and try to do something special by year-end, so check back if you might be interested in what that will be this year. Our Studio Manager 15 demo is available on the Demo tab above. It’s the January version of Studio Manager 15, so won’t be quite as good as the current version of the product but close and will give an excellent chance to play around with the full product. It’s only limitation is it supports 3 users and layouts and scripts are not modifiable. You can still do things like change billing codes, rates, add customers, jobs, do estimates etc. to get a good feel for the product.

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