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We are still doing final testing and tweaking on Studio Manager 14.5, but we are so close that we felt that it was time to give you a chance to check out Studio Manager 14.5 for yourself. This is a full-function demo, just not customizable — except all the preferences can be set of course.

You can run the demo on FileMaker Pro 14, the free trial version of FileMaker Pro 14 and the free iOS app, FileMaker Go with specially formatted layouts for iPhone 4 through 6s Plus and iPad mini and iPad Air. Haven’t got an iPad Pro quite yet so can’t tell you how well that looks. But if you have one and try it. Please let us know!

As is the norm, you will need to fill in a very short form to download the demo. However, we are easy which means you don’t have to fill in everything with exact information. We do find that the seriously interested people who download the demo don’t mind giving us the information. If your are just browsing, don’t feel bad if you mash in a few keys where you want to.

We would love to have country especially so we can see where you are from. The rest of the information like email will let us keep you up to date when the next release of Studio Manager comes out. Bookmarking this blog or grabbing our RSS feed is a good bet for our existing Studio Manager customers.

Call my iPhone if you need to get last minute questions answered or need anything else. One last thing — we just finished a brochure on Studio Manager 14 in case you want to read it at your leisure or share with a colleague.

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