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Now when you download the demo, you will get both the Getting Started 12-page tutorial and the 24-page Demo Manual for Studio Manager 9. If you already have the Studio Manager 9 demo, you can directly download the SM9 Demo Manual here without filling out the form again. We just finished version 2 of the demo manual today.

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Martin Willing August 7, 2011 at 10:30 pm

Hi Janet, ok heres a blast from the Studio Manager past!? hello! and how are you? Brains Design here in Sydney have brought me back to rescue Studio Manager and bring them up to date. As its been over 2 years since my last dabblings I figured you wouldnt mind if I reached out to you and got a handle on the status of things and whats progressed since that time.
If I recap my undeerstanding you may wish to correct me.
Brains purchased the software V9.2 back in 2009, the site licence was for ??? users
Since purchasing the software they had a local developer ‘modify’ the reporting function to enable customised reporting
A NDA document was returned from said company so you could authorise access to the ‘back stage’ areas
No customisation was undertaken by Tokerud
Software (discs?) were provided along with a user manual, this was Fedex’ed to Brains?

Questions. Other than the support re ‘back stage access’ no other support or customisation has been undertaken?
Any comments on running version 9 with Filemake 11?

Im sure theres more but it would be helpful to kick things off with that.
Hope to hear from you soon – kind regards Martin

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