MacOS Sonoma and Claris FileMaker Pro are now completely compatible


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Mac, iPad and iPhone users rejoice! Claris has now declared that the most recent version (20.3.1) of FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Server and FileMaker Go 2023 are fully supported under the latest updates of MacOS Sonoma, iPadOS and iOS (iPhone).

In case you’ve been cautiously holding back, waiting for Claris to catch up with Apple, the wait is over! Studio Manager and FileMaker users are now encouraged to update your Macs to the latest, greatest Mac Operating System: MacOS Sonoma. Here at Tokerud Consulting Group, we think this is one of the best MacOS versions in years, and not just because associate developer and interface designer, Scout, lives in Sonoma County.

To install the latest MacOS, open System Settings, choose General and then select Software Update. It works the same on iPads and iPhones. In general, we recommend that you keep the OS current on all Apple devices. OS installers have gotten really smart. If your computer or mobile device is too old to handle the most current version, Software Update will take you to the most recent version possible.

For use with Studio Manager, it’s important to run the highest iteration of the version of FileMaker you use. This might be FileMaker 20 (aka 2023), 19 or even 18. To determine if you have the most recent iteration, refer to the Claris Downloads page.

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