Our Main Phone line is now an iPhone!


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Our team has used iPhones for personal use and outgoing business calls. Finally, we’ve dumped our land line which just hasn’t been cutting it as our main business line. Feel free to text us or call. If you get a busy signal, just leave us a voice mail or text us. 415 789-5219.

What an iPhone business line replacing our land line makes possible:

  1. Emergency response before and after hours when possible even if no one is in the office (keep in mind hours are 9 am – 5 pm Pacific Time and we aren’t early birds so we will have do not disturb on until 8 am unless we’ve gotten crazy and set up a very early morning call.
  2. Transcribed voice mails on our end, so we can quickly see what you need. That should help us triage when things get hectic.
  3. The ability to text us your question or request.
  4. Better voicemail responsiveness because we can check our voicemail painlessly.

Whoopee! Voice mail seems to be working. I just tried it and I was in a quiet environment and the message had 100% accuracy in the transcription. Cool!

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