SM10 Task Assignments go from 1 to 4 People


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Now you get 4 slots for assigning employees and freelancers to tasks instead of just one. This becomes an advantage when you want someone who plays a lesser role, perhaps just oversight, to see the task in their personal task list.

We still like the idea of  designating a single person responsible for a task. You can get that effect by making the person in slot #1 the task lead when there is a hierarchy, even if only in seniority.

We are sticking with the #1 slot initials in all our reports because we think listing 4 initials in front of a task name would clutter the message. The main purpose of the 4 slots is to give each person a full list of the tasks they need to work on.

In the monthly calendar and week views of tasks, when you hover over a task you get the full names of all of the people assigned to the task. And, you can modify who is on a task at any time.

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