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iPad Calendar

Here is a miniaturized screenshot of the Studio Manager 11 calendar on the iPad. Click the image to see it actual size. Keep in mind that the calendar on the iPad looks even better as we are compressing the image here for the web. Just like you its big brother, the iPad calendar shows you job deadlines in a month view and lets you filter what you see by employee, client and job. Now, imagine yourself accessing the calendar with an iPad…

Keep in mind that this screen is still in production and should be looking similar but better by means of the tiny refinements that make all the difference.

Email PDFs. You can save and email PDFs from your iPad. Plan on filtering the calendar as you wish and then pressing the Save/Send PDF link in the button bar to immediately get a draft email with the PDF attached. You can customize the PDF version of the calendar to your graphic standards as usual. Click to view this second screenshot at actual size.

iPad Calendar Emailing a PDF

When you press the Save/Send PDF button, you get an email with PDF attached waiting for you to fill in the To and Subject lines. It looks like this on my iPad (only larger). We expect that FileMaker Go will support actual printing one of these days. No announcement yet, but we are hoping it will be soon. Luckily, most of us don’t print like we used to.

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