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If you require a lot of space to enter your time to do things like fill in the task you were working on from a pop-down menu, you’ll have lots of elbow room here. Even though this isn’t polished yet, you’ll notice we are getting lots of functionality in here with big finger-friendly buttons to help you navigate and operate. More will be added here – I’m thinking a save Weekly Timesheet as PDF button might enhance this a bit. We are not trying to do everything here, but want to make an iPad a way to get lots of good stuff done.

Remember that you can add things we choose to omit and omit things we’ve chosen to include. In many cases, a button that works on the larger Mac screens can be transplanted to iPadland with only a few minor adjustments. Buttons, layouts and scripts can be duplicated and then modified rather than starting from scratch. We are available to help if you want something special we haven’t thought of.

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