Studio Manager 11 Year-end Progress Report


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Hard at Work. Just wanted you to know that we are still here and working hard on Studio Manager. We’ve not only refined Studio Manager 11 in many, many small ways but have added more layouts to the iPad version and modified the iPhone version. We aren’t going to build a whole new point release until we get a fix on when and what will come in FileMaker 12. We will begin the work on big new features for Studio Manager 12 once FileMaker 12 ships. It is not an option to work with beta software on something as important and rock solid as we require Studio Manager to be. We are sure that FileMaker 12 will ship some time in 2012, but that’s all we know. Software development schedules ebb and flow in mysterious ways.

Studio Manager 11. Meanwhile, if you own FileMaker 10 or 11, you can run really well with Studio Manager 11. We do advise, though, that if you are going to run Studio Manager or any FileMaker application under OS X Lion that you use FileMaker 11 since FM11 has been upgraded to ameliorate some ahem minor anomalies. See our blog posts on this page about Lion compatibility.

So… no big news right this minute. First thing you need to know is that if you buy Studio Manager 11, you get our up to the minute current version with all the refinements we’ve made to date — beyond what has been written up here. Since we’ve been almost a year since the last release, the product is very mature and bug free. As all computer owners know, buying the brand new release of any software isn’t quite as perfect as it will be a couple months later. So let’s just say that Studio Manager 11 is well-honed.

Really Cool Manuals. One thing that isn’t sexy but is pretty great is we’ve done some excellent work on our documentation. When Studio Manager 11 was released with our cool iPhone and iPad support running on FileMaker Go, our documentation was pretty sparse. Well, that has changed. Scout Tomyris has done a phenomenal job on SM Mobile documentation and has rewritten a lot of our other documentation.

Your Questions. Don’t hesitate ever to contact us with your questions or feedback. We love to talk to our customers and prospective customers. We are trying to get away from AT&T land line service and experimenting seriously with Google Voice. Try out our Google Voice number if you’ld like to speak: 415 937-0393. The advantage is we get an email and notification when you call with a rough approximation of what you said. This helps us respond more quickly to urgent matters like your call.

Pre-2012 Deadlines. If you need to place an order before January 1st for tax reasons, please get in touch via email and phone with return contact info so we can fulfill your order before the new year. We are at the ready and standing by to take your call.

Enjoy your New Year’s celebration and good tidings for the new year!

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