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Studio Manager 12 passed a FileMaker, Inc review in May 2013 to receive the coveted iOS optimized badge. You can find us among the 37 products Made for FileMaker in the special section: Solutions Optimized for iPad / iPhone. I am happy to report that we are the second listing in the 5 solutions for Creative Professionals with the iOS Optimized badge.

Studio Manager 12 was specifically designed to not only run on the desktop in FileMaker Pro but also to run on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. We released the product in December. In January, FileMaker Inc. invited us to apply to be featured specifically for our iOS support on their site. They evaluated Studio Manager 12 and praised its design and gave us some great feedback.

We took on the challenge and created our new Studio Manager version 12.1 this month. We worked with FileMaker Inc. and discussed various issues and options as we tweaked our product.

The enhancements we made are subtle like making iOS-specific layouts lock at 100% zoom when accessed so that you don’t accidentally zoom in and out unnecessarily by touching the screen. We added messaging related to screen rotation that is helpful on an iOS device. We did an even more rigorous testing process than for the 12.0 release to make sure that every single iOS-specific script could gracefully handle an accidental touch of the screen without problem.

It was great to get to work directly with FileMaker Inc. staff on questions we had and make Studio Manager 12 even better. We are happy to advise Studio Manager 12 customers who want to take advantage of these refinements. New customers may be assured that we have been awarded FileMaker’s iOS Optimized badge.

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