Studio Manager 13.5 Due Aug 1 2015


  • We are building our new, yes new, SM13.5 release on what we just did with SM14. Reason why is we know some of you aren’t ready to put your shop on Mavericks or Yosemite quite yet but you need a better system to manage and leverage project information.
  • We are targeting August 1 for SM13.5. It’s almost everything in SM14 with a few tweaks that allow it to run well on FileMaker Pro and Go 13.
  • FileMaker Go 13 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is FREE
  • You’ll Miss the Speed and Elegance of FileMaker Pro and Go 14
  • Open the iOS tab for more details and screenshots.
  • The Tour tab will give you a look around the various modules of Studio Manager 13 with most screenshots updated for Studio Manager 13.
  • The front page Home tab will give you our most recent blog posts about Studio Manager 13.
  • You can see and try out the real product in the demo. Open the Demo tab.
  • Starts at introductory price of $695 for the full product single-user license. 4-user is $1395, 10-user $2295. Volume discounts drive the seat cost down the number goes up.

What’s New in Studio Manager 13.5?

See our SM14 Page for details and our SM14 Demo. Looking at an old Studio Manager 13 demo doesn’t do this justice. Get the trial version of FileMaker Pro 14 and the free FileMaker Go 14 app from the App Store and see what you’ll have by August 1 less tiny details.

We Recommend SM14 with FileMaker 14 if Possible. Every release of FileMaker is better by good measure than the last. See our SM14 tab for more details on what you’ll get in SM13.5. Besides you should probably upgrade OSX for Security reasons these days.

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