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FileMaker 17 Server and Pro received updates in early December 2018 to make them fully Mojave-ready. Like many other Mac users, we bought one of the great new Mac minis and it comes with Mojave installed. With FileMaker 17’s upgrades, you are now good to go with Mojave. We have FileMaker Server 17 running on our new Mac mini right now and have not had a single burp.

If you aren’t quite ready for Mojave but think it is about time to upgrade to the latest and greatest FileMaker, know that FileMaker 17 is also compatible with MacOS Sierra (10.12) and MacOS High Sierra (10.13). In a pinch, I’ve managed to run FileMaker Pro 17 Advanced on a Sierra Mac and also run FileMaker Pro 11 (as a guest only). When my clients upgrade to 17, they often are coming from as far back as FileMaker 11 and I encourage them to run parallel briefly as they are converting and then customizing their new software.

Apple is moving fast with their OS Upgrades these days (once a year), and FileMaker is right there with them with yearly upgrades. If you haven’t upgraded in a while, you might be shocked at how much better the performance is these days.

One last thing about FileMaker and where it is going. At this Summer’s Developer Conference in Dallas, FileMaker Inc. leadership made it clear that FileMaker is focused on making it as easy as possible for end users to customize their apps. We are 100% on board as we’ve always been because each person, work group and company is different and keeps evolving. We are here to support you by making Studio Manager easy to customize and providing support as requested to help you or your favorite local contractor make it fit like a glove.

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