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We really never stop developing Studio Manager, but this time of year we are busy finishing off a new version – this time it is 17 to take advantage of the 17th version of FileMaker. Our Mac version is designed to fit on screens of 12 inches or more. But on the iPad and iPhone sides, we have a few more screens to account for.

In this photo, Scout is using an iMac Pro working on the Studio Manager 17 beta with an iPad Pro 12.9” and iPad 9.7” for reference. Thank God for 27” screens!

We still put our top priority on the Mac version of Studio Manager 17 because most designers use big screen Macs for their design work and find it handy to use that same screen for Timesheets and task updates. And since creative services professionals hand down those big screened Macs to their Admin counterparts, big screens abound. But we’ve become mobile at every turn so lots of iPhones, iPads and MacBooks fill the gaps and they are so fast these days that we don’t count out exactly how much happens on an iPad, for example.

Our database tool of choice, FileMaker, is fast, reliable and useful on all these devices. Almost everyone has an iPhone and iPad by now which means single tasks like checking contact information, looking up the status of a job, entering time and task status can be handled anywhere. When you aren’t in your office or at your desk, you still have access to your mission-critical information.

Since FileMaker Go for iPhone and iPad is free and we usually use one device at a time, FileMaker’s licensing is by the concurrent connections, you can use all 3 devices as needed without blowing out your licensing limit. Studio Manager works on the basis of concurrent users as well, so you get maximum flexibility which in this world of devices is what we need.

I’ve got work to do getting this version out the door, so will get back to you soon with other tidbits about what 17 will look like and also keep providing FileMaker upgrade help regarding which versions of Filemaker work with which versions of MacOS. If you have a PC, you are in luck in that certain versions of Windows 10, 8.1 and 7 are certified to run with FileMaker 17. Did I mention that there are more Windows users of FileMaker than there are Mac? Check out the details at FileMaker 17 Advanced Tech Specs.

Since we always encourage new and upgrading customers to use the latest version of FileMaker once a few months have passed, here is the latest tip:

FileMaker 17 now runs well on the latest Macs running MacOS 10.14 Mojave and also on 10.13 High Sierra and 10.12 Sierra. This is the usual 3 MacOS Window FileMaker supports.

We are close to finishing Studio Manager 17, but it is looking like an early February Release due to the demo, web and user manual updates we make once the actual product is done. We are shooting for early January for getting the new Studio Manager 17 demo up. Right now, though, you can try out Studio Manager 16 using our free full-feature Studio Manager 16 demo.

We will be posting and updating screenshots from here on out. As always, don’t hesitate to contact us (TCG iPhone 415 789-5219) with any questions, comments or suggestions you have about any of the topics we cover on our site.

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