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Claris is now listing FileMaker Pro 18 Advanced as Compatible with MacOS Catalina! We are as excited as anyone to see that and will still stay a while longer on MacOS Mojave while further returns come in to be on the safe side. Studio Manager development and FileMaker work on our own and other client  projects is too valuable to take any unnecessary chances. Click this link if you want to connect directly to Claris for the full page of FileMaker Pro 18 Operating System Requirements.

FileMaker 18 Advanced is all the way ready for primetime, so don’t hesitate there. We use 18 whenever we can. Our concern now is only with the newest MacOS. You can buy that shiny new Mac that requires Catalina, but you need to exercise some caution around FileMaker even though it is now certified as good to go on Catalina by FileMaker Inc.

If you are back a few notches on MacOS, please note that FileMaker 18 Advanced is no longer certified for macOS Sierra. You get 3 certified MacOS versions at any one time these days.

See below that there may be more latitude when you are a guest of FileMaker Server or now FileMaker Cloud.

We wrote recently that FileMaker Server 18 is already certified as compatible with MacOS Catalina as well as many recent flavors of Windows. That Filemaker Server 18 is compatible matters to you if you buy new computers that require Catalina like that new MacBook Pro 16 that was just released!

Here’s why. Where your data is hosted is where your data and your database are protected. It is hard to hurt the data if you are a guest and your Mac or PC loses power or crashes. It is hard to crash the server as a guest. That’s why we do almost all of our development as guests of FileMaker Server and hope to migrate to FileMaker Cloud sometime over the next year. For now at least, you’ll need FileMaker Pro 18 Advanced to use this latest iteration of FileMaker Cloud.

If you need to run MacOS Catalina, on your Mac close to day one of its certification, you should run as a guest of FileMaker Server 18 or FileMaker Cloud to be on the safe side. OR, if you have a couple licenses for FileMaker 18, you could do peer to peer sharing from a High Sierra or Mojave Mac to a Catalina Mac as a guest. Otherwise, if you possibly can, wait a while longer before upgrading to Catalina.

If you get stuck, fee free to contact us. We are pretty easy on this sort of thing as in we won’t bill you unless you escalate it into a lot of questions. A few as long as we know the answers can be just fine as a complimentary service. We’ll be open except for nights, weekends and Dec 24-25, 2019 and Jan 1, 2020.

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