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New Features:

A couple new features to mention off the top of my head are that:

  • iPad access supports landscape and portrait. When you rotate or pick up your iPad in a particular orientation, you get optimal viewing.
  • All iPad sizes are supported. And look awesome!
  • iPhones too. Don’t forget that having Studio Manager 18 access in your pocket comes in handy every once in a while especially since you can get into Studio Manager 18 from outside your building – like from home, favorite coffee place, client waiting room (or meeting) or car.
  • Also, we’ve done the work to support lots of iPhone sizes like X, Xs, 11 Pro  like on iPad. And, of course, back to iPhone 6-8, back to iPhone SE. We haven’t tried the iPhone 11 or XR but would be shocked they don’t cooperate with our special methods just as well.
  • We tweaked lots of details to delight you throughout Studio Manager 18. This is possible because we work on SM all year long.
  • And the Studio Manager 18 User Manual is exceptionally thorough, entertaining and up to date.

We are Almost Done Checking Everything in the New Version

If you are getting tired and a little frustrated with old versions of Studio Manager because they are so, well, old looking, come take a look. We have done some work getting the SM17 screenshots up which are pretty great and now will start posting SM18 screenshots in their place. My Studio Manager-buddy, Scout is staying home over the holidays and I’m not the screenshots maven she is so I hope I can deliver as well as I want to on this promise. Scout did say she would help if I get stuck.

We are shooting for Friday Dec 27, 2019 as our completion date. I think the user manual is even done, but just today I found a 2020 issue I hadn’t tested (I didn’t anticipate crossing the line into 2020 would matter) and fixed it so apparently, our testing is still in progress.

If you are on an ancient version of Studio Manager prior to 13, you will find even the Studio Manager 16 Demo WAY better. Just consult our screenshots here to imagine better still.

The Free Full-Function Studio Manager Demo

This the product without the ability to customize for the most part. But until later this week, the demo is anciently only SM16. When you build a new version like SM17 and now SM18, you really have a hard time going that last mile and updating all the data to current timeframes. It’s bad as you’ve got all sorts of interrelationships between Jobs starts and task due dates and timesheets and expenses and invoices. I have to way apologize. We still have our 2016 Studio Manager demo up. We have been too perfectionistic not to try to get all our example data up to date so the experience in the demo seems real. And, it was almost up a while ago until Scout went and added a bunch of new features and I will have to start all over from the product to match SM18 now. The current SM16 demo will give you a pretty good idea and will look great compared to the older Studio Manager version you may have now. So take a peak at either our SM17 tab for the Screenshots tour or actually download the demo to play with it over the holidays.

Purchasing SM18 for the tax break…

If you need to make this purchase now or by Dec 31, we are waiting for you and will help you get it done. I always personally keep myself available on Dec 31 and prior to make sure we accommodate you. Contact Us.

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