New Mac Buyers Who Run FileMaker Pro need FileMaker 15 or higher


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Hi everyone. I have been hearing from some of my Studio Manager customers who have upgraded to High Sierra either voluntarily or because they bought a new Mac, that their Studio Manager database won’t run on FileMaker Pro 14 or lower. Actually, I haven’t heard from a FileMaker Pro 14 user yet about a problem, but FileMaker, Inc. says High Sierra is compatible with only FileMaker Pro 15 and FileMaker Pro 16. You can always try FileMaker Pro 14 and see if what you do with Studio Manager works but I recommend not bothering. You would be skating on thin ice.

If you are stuck on High Sierra, spend the money and either upgrade if you can or buy one or more full versions of FileMaker Pro 16. By the way, FileMaker Pro is on an annual upgrade schedule that seems to be happening sometime in the Spring, so you may not be able to upgrade for free to FileMaker Pro 17 if you purchase FileMaker Pro 16 right now.

However, the drawback of waiting until FileMaker Pro 17 comes out is (1) you have to wait and if you already have your new Mac running High Sierra that may be a problem for you and (2) brand new versions of FileMaker Pro are best left to the adventurers for a few weeks after release (say at least 6 weeks). That cautionary wait puts you into summer. Up to you.

I have more on your FileMaker Pro buying decision in my January 30th FileMaker Pro 11 blog post.

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