OSX Mountain Lion Launch Day + FileMaker Advice


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OSX Mountain Lion

Updated July 31. Studio Manager 11 is running fine on FileMaker 11 under Mountain Lion and the unreleased development version of Studio Manager 12 is doing well under FileMaker 12 in Mountain Lion. I had to repair disk permissions with Disk Utility to get SM11 working correctly though.

Mountain Lion. I’m sitting here running Mountain Lion on my main axe, my 11″ Macbook Air. Mountain Lion is a cool upgrade for sure. There’s lots of good information out there like at MacWorld on upgrading. The New York Times has a David Pogue review. Yeah, it’s great. Especially for those who are already on Lion and have gotten used to the changes there, it’s great. If you are still on Snow Leopard, it will be better to go straight to Mountain Lion if your Mac is eligible. Mountain Lion lets you upgrade straight to Mountain Lion from Snow Leopard for $20. Important rough edges of Lion have been smoothed.

Filemaker on Mountain Lion. I do have a 13″ 2010 MacBook Air and an iMac 24 running Lion as a safety net. I’ve been running Mountain Lion for less than an hour, so what do I know? I know that FileMaker Inc. says that FileMaker Pro 11 and FileMaker Pro 12 are compatible with Mountain Lion and frankly that’s the main thing I needed to know. FileMaker’s Mountain Lion Compatibility page.

FileMaker 11 and 12 Bump in the Road. This isn’t really a compatibility issue but since Mountain Lion implements a security measure called Gatekeeper, an installation issue may arise. Any FileMaker 11 or 12 dmg download file that was downloaded prior to June 9, 2012 will possibly refuse permission to download. FileMaker inc. has a page that explains how to avoid this issue.

FileMaker Server Issues. Before you leave, please note that FileMaker Inc. says there are issues with FileMaker 12 Server and Mountain Lion when it comes to web publishing and XML in case that applies to you. Furthermore and maybe more important, you can’t even install FileMaker Server 11 on a Mountain Lion machine.

Standard Warning. If you have a multiuser mission critical installation of FileMaker, you should hold off on upgrading for a little while – a few days. The reason why is that today is the first day that a wide distribution of Mountain Lion has been made so today is the first day for which FileMaker, Inc. begins to get a large data sample upon which to declare safety in using FileMaker. There will undoubtedly be obscure bugs that will affect some people.

FileMaker is to be Congratulated. I greatly appreciate that FileMaker Inc. has gone to the trouble of doing enough extensive testing and development work to be willing to put themselves on the line declaring FileMaker Pro 11 and 12 compatible on release day. Thanks! That means they’ve been busily testing and using Mountain Lion with FileMaker Pro so chances are you would be one of the lucky ones if you upgraded to Mountain Lion today. I like my friends and clients to be conservative about these things, just because I hate to see people having big problems and not being able to get their work done or worse.

Last Word. One final optimistic note. Mountain Lion is to Lion as Snow Leopard is to Leopard. If you are successfully running FileMaker 11 or 12 on Lion right now, you have even better odds that you are good to go not withstanding issues with FileMaker server, of course. I’ll be back with a second post in a day or a week to update you with further information.

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