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Hi folks! We have been heads down for months it seems learning how to fully exploit the powers of FileMaker Pro 12 and its associated parts. The fact is most of our time so far has been expended redoing the design of the layouts. There are lots of layouts in Studio Manager to accommodate all the good stuff in there.

However, we’ve reached a point where most of the layout work is done so I can leave Scout to continue designing, working on icons and problem-solving design issues while I focus more on the cool new functionality I want to include. We also have Sally working her fingers to the bone on graphic production work on those layouts. We will probably be refining alignments, proofing and correcting layouts until Studio Manager 12 ships. Sally will be our key player on that front. Of course, she might be freed up to do a little sales work to prime the pump as well.

My next post will begin to talk about functionality and may show a screenshot. We hate to show only partially done work after all and I have enjoyed postponing major work on functionality until some experience could be acquired in the FileMaker community relative to this new FileMaker 12 engine we’ve got.

The FileMaker Developer’s conference is this week and FileMaker staff will be revealing more about the product and its future. Also, tons of third party FileMaker-related product releases including the smallest things like custom functions, plug-ins and other tools will be on sale and available for purchase.

We hope to complete our work on Studio Manager 12 over the next 6 weeks or so. Hold on to your hat! Existing customers who are considering upgrading may be granted sneak peaks ahead of time as long as you promise to keep a secret. Prospective customers might even get a peak if a quick decision must be made about Studio Manager.

One more thing, a lot of our new functionality development work will go towards making the iPad and iPhone versions of Studio Manager more powerful. FileMaker Go 12 is a lot more robust than previous versions and deserves some more love! Also it is free so there’s a possibility that some of your staff could manage quite nicely on an iPad or even an iPhone when entering time and task completion.

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