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Studio Manager 10 is available for purchase today. See our in-progress Studio Manager 10 tab above for more details plus about 10 blog posts below for details about some of the new features.

We are working furiously to have the Studio Manager 10 demo ready for download some time today. Just click the demo tab for more information and a download link.

It will help us keep in touch and know what’s going on if you fill out the contact information form there. But if you are already on our mailing list and don’t want to bother, you can type x’s or dashes through the required fields and still get the free demo and/or documentation. Our favorite field for you to fill in correctly is the email address. But please, suit yourself.

We are listing our regular prices on the Pricing and Upgrades tabs above, but please apply a 25% discount to what you see for the number of users you need if you plan on purchasing by December 31st!

To purchase now, just email your card details split between 2 emails for luck along with your basic contact information. Calling too for emphasis is always good – just leave a voicemail. You can leave your card details on voice mail if you prefer. The phone is in a secure location. Leave your phone if you don’t mind in case we have a question for you. We do need your exact name on the card and expiration.

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