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So far in our previews this month we’ve just shown you a couple screenshots on the iPad version of Studio Manager 13. This time we are going to tip our hand on the Mac (and PC if you are so inclined) version of Studio Manager 13. Here’s the entry screen. Click to see the retina version.

By the way, this screen shown here will fit on a 13″ screen when you are mobile. On bigger screens you can always increase the size if your eyes need some R&R. I just compared the full-size screen to the same screen on my retina MacBook Pro and the screen shown here is about 10% smaller than life size.

When we actually release Studio Manager 13 this month it may include a few surprises so don’t take this as the final final, but if you like this, expect to love SM13. The beauty of being able to style objects and create a custom theme is that you can change everything with a few clicks. Stay tuned.

This version of Studio Manager requires FileMaker Pro 13. SM12.5 can run with FileMaker Pro 12.

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