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SM14 Jobs Entry Screen

Updated 11:20 pm July 8 — See below.

Editing manuals in Pages is not my idea of fun but we have the Studio Manager 14 Demo for you and it includes a Demo Manual and a Demo Readme. Go to Demo download page.

For now we recommend that you run it on FileMaker Pro 14, not FileMaker Pro 13. There’s a free trial version of FileMaker 14 if you need it. We are looking at the places where we use FileMaker Pro 14 technologies that are problematic in 13 to see if we can find some simple workarounds. More information to follow on this.

FileMaker Go 14 for your iPhone 4 to 6 Plus and iPads is free but does require iOS 8.1 or higher.

Although most of our customers are glued to big screens during their work day and use Studio Manager there, there are options. If you want to have some fun and you are on your iPhone or iPad right now, you can download and run the demo from your iDevice. I used iCab Mobile just now and have the demo running on my iPhone 6 Plus as we speak.

Update: We’ve begun testing with FileMaker Pro and Go 13 to see if we can find some workarounds. We’ll make an assessment in detail tomorrow and have more information for you. Please contact Janet if you want to weigh in. We may simply have 2 versions — one of which will be called Studio Manager 13.5.

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