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We are closing in on release of the free and full-function Studio Manager 16 demo. The Demo is done. If it weren’t for all the collateral like the Demo manual and the PHP changes and proofreading, we would be up right now. Still going at mid afternoon. Stay tuned – Friday Dec 29 is our drop dead date — some of you need it before you buy this year!

The Studio Manager 15 Demo and Demo manual is up on the Demo tab this afternoon. You’ll know it is only 15 because it says so. We want you to look at our demo, so if you aren’t sure you will remember to come back, grab 15. The iPad screens in SM15 don’t have portrait views (bummer!) and the button bars don’t have the slick, performance-friendly SVG graphics in them. The clarity, perfection and pop of the Mac layouts in SM16 isn’t as quite as good in SM15. So keep that in mind if you need that instant gratification right now.

P.S. You can nab the free trial version of FileMaker Pro 16 from the bottom of the site right here. For a truly try before you buy experience.

One more thing. Contact Janet if you want the 16 demo right this minute and already have the SM15 Demo manual and can make due with it. Janet (yours truly) will get it to you quick.

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