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The Studio Manager 16 Product is here for your brand new 2018!

Get the true skinny on Studio Manager 16 on the SM16 tab above, then take the screenshots tour. Keep reading if you want even more information.

Check the demo tab above for the new free Studio Manager 16 full-function demo. This is getting the product for free on some level — it is just not customizable. The guts work. You’ll have to use your imagination for how your invoice would look in Studio Manager if you are new to this product for the creative services professional, workgroup or firm.

Although most of our customers spend a large amount of time on a big screen Mac, we’ve given some extra attention to iPad and iPhone this year. Last year got Mac great and this year tweaked that Mac version. But we redid the theme and the graphics in iPad and iPhone (using the performance enhancing SVGs FileMaker 15 and 16 lets us deploy). Every year better is our motto.

IPhones of various sizes are all accommodated with dedicated layouts except for the iPhone X which defaults to and works well on our existing iPhone 8 layouts.

Run the demo on your iPhone (for that always with you access to Studio Manager contacts, job status and whatever you need when away from your big screen Mac. The iPad version straddles between the Mac and iPhone adding more power and screen real estate for things like walking around the office and updating schedules or owners, executive and project managers checking on changes or that occasional challenge without having to lug a notebook Mac around.

If you have FileMaker Pro 15 or 16, on your Mac or PC (or a free trial version of FileMaker 16), the product and demo will work just fine. FileMaker Go 16 is free. Just like other companies, FileMaker Inc. keeps improving iPhone and iPad versions in every way. Keeps taking advantage of upgrades in iOS.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. The ReadMe file you get with the demo has phone numbers and email.

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