Studio Manager 8 on FileMaker 9!


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Preliminary testing shows, as expected, Studio Manager 8 is fully compatible with FileMaker 9. FileMaker Pro 9, FileMaker Server 9 and FileMaker Server 9 Advanced were released July 10. Since FileMaker 9 uses the exact same data format underneath the hood, we expected to have full compatability.

We have have had no reports of errors of any kind regarding FileMaker 9 as of 8/19. We have now switched over to using FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced as our daily tool of choice. We highly recommend the software.

We also recommend that you sign up for the Maintenance program that gives you better pricing on future releases in exchange for paying a fixed annual fee. Currently, when you buy a site license or 10 user license as part of a Volume License agreement, you get 1 year of maintenance free.

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