Studio Manager 8 Running Great in FileMaker 9


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When it comes to databases, no news is good news. In four months, we’ve not heard of a single problem from our customers who are running Studio Manager on FileMaker 9. Full compatability was expected, but after 4 months even the conservatives among us can feel confident moving ahead with an upgrade.

Especially if you are running FileMaker Server, FileMaker 9 moves things ahead in a safe direction. Server 9 keeps you abreast of data events via email and can notify you every time it verifies a backup or has a problem. Good thing to have in place to protect your precious business data.

FileMaker 9 is looking really good and FileMaker Inc. has spiffed up their website to show it off. We encourage you to explore the site if you are interested in FileMaker 9.

We’ve got conversion advice for you over on our FileMaker Fever blog. And a bit more information on Studio Manager Bulletin.

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