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Today was the first day I put the entire Studio Manager 11 product in development on my iPad. I had tried moving it on with Dropbox previously and for some reason it didn’t work. Today I tried the standard way to move files onto the iPad – via USB cable in iTunes.

The screenshot shows my iPad selected on the left in iTunes. We are on the Apps tab scrolled down to the file sharing portion with FileMaker Go selected. You can see all the FileMaker files I currently have stored on my iPad. Click the image to see it full-sized.

The first version of Studio Manager that is compatible with iPad and iPhone is conceived as a way to  connect to your Studio Manager 11 database over the local area network or from a remote wi-fi or 3G connection (Wide Area Network).

However, if you are using Studio Manager 11 as a single user, you can move Studio Manager onto your iPad in certain situations such as when traveling without your computer. Keep in mind that FileMaker Go doesn’t sync (at least not yet), so if you move the file to your iPad for a time, Studio Manager 11 on your iPad becomes your active copy of the database. When you want to work on the database from a computer, you’ll need to transfer the file back to your Mac or PC and use it with FileMaker Pro there. Also, keep in mind that we aren’t rebuilding every feature in the iPad version – just a reminder.

As a developer, being able to move a copy of Studio Manager 11 directly onto my iPad is fun and handy as a way for me to test usage scenarios from my iPad running FileMaker Go. It looks great!

Thought you should know. If you have any questions about all this, don’t hesitate to contact me for details.

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