SM18 Demo Places Screen as Viewed on iPhone 6s Plus

Once we slaved to get the product and website ready for Studio Manager 18, we got the demo finished and up with a new ReadMe and new Manual. Yay! We discovered almost by accident that you can actually download the demo from your iPhone or iPad if you are running iOS 13 or iPadOS 13. Which almost everyone already has. Janet thought that was cool probably because she discovered it first.

If you are adventurous and a little persistent and have an iPhone or iPad in your hand(s) as we speak, you could try it. Tap this SM18 Demo tab. Tap the first link in the body saying “Fill in Minimal…”. Then fill in the red dotted items about yourself and press the Submit button to get to the downloads page.

Press the download link you want – probably the demo itself and it will either start downloading or if that doesn’t happen it will ask you if you want to download”? Tap Download. A little down arrow in a circle appears to the right of the location bar at the top of the screen – I think it bounces then stops. When stopped the download is complete and it should put the zipped file in your brand new cool Files folder on your home screen or wherever else it is on your iPhone.

The iPhone Timesheet on an iPhone 11 Max

You will still be at the Downloads page, so this is your chance to download the Demo ReadMe PDF and the Demo Manual PDF. Press each of these links in turn and say download if it doesn’t just start downloading.

At this point all 3 of your downloaded goodies should be in the Files app directory at the top level. This is if everything went perfectly. In any case, now open the Files app to get your goodies. The readme and manuals open up immediately and ask if you want to preview. Choose preview and your looking at a PDF which views better sideways on an iPhone.

But what fun is reading the manual – am I right? Well, skip it maybe. You know whether you will use it. I think it is good to have but up to you.

So now you Open your Files app and top left should be where your shiny new SM downloads are unless they are sorted alphabetically or something in which case find the S section. I found the expanded files at the bottom of my Files directory after they unzipped.

Tap Studio_Manager_18_Demo and get — drumroll — a black screen that says Studio_Manager_18_Demo in the middle of it and 59.1 MB on it. Click the little share box in the bottom left (box with up arrow) and scroll right to get to a white button with 3 dots in it and tap it.

The iPhone Dashboard: This is where a user sees their own task deadlines and can enter or see today’s timesheet (on iPhone 11 Max).

If you have FileMaker 18 Go on your iPhone (remember?), you can just tap Copy to FileMaker Go 18 and be prompted for your credentials. OK, you never downloaded the ReadMe or now don’t know where it is so type in account name: “demo” and password: “jedimaster” and hit the blue go button below the little keyboard. Or, if you must hit the arrow in a circle right beside where you typed the password. The latter will save your password in filemaker for future reference.

If you want the easy way from here, choose Dolson, CJ from the list as our Demo Manual uses her account in the examples. Then press the continue button. At this point, I’m done explaining. You are in. You are proud!

Play with this (with or without the demo manual) as a start. The 4-page Demo ReadMe as of right this minute says you need a Mac or PC to use the demo – Wrong! That’s going to be edited and probably already is.

The iPhone doesn’t have as many things to do as the iPad or Mac or PC has so you can kinda fiddle with it to see where it takes you on an iPhone. If you have the iPad or Mac or PC and, if you are interested enough, you can use the 38-page Demo manual and learn something. It has screenshots so don’t think about it like a bad thing that it has 38 pages.

But the demo manual is mostly for the Mac or PC not the tiny, always with you, iPhone or even the medium-sized iPad you love. But, on the other hand, you probably have a computer for actual work somewhere around and can use the FREE and cool Trial version of FileMaker Pro Advanced to get into the nooks and crannies of the computer version.

Contact us if you are interested or have the least little problem trying to make your iPhone, iPad or Mac/PC run the demo. Remember this is the full Studio Manager product here with a couple tweaks to keep it from being used for everything. It’s not little show and tell. It’s the product with a couple switches switched. You can email, text or call and the good news is we won’t charge you a cent to answer your questions, listen to your ideas or even listen to your complaints.

P.S. If you are on a Mac or PC. Just download the demo from the SM18 Demo tab and get the ReadMe and Demo Manual while you are at it. You already know how to do that so you are good.


You can use the demo tab to answer the usual quick questions and continue over to download the full-function Studio Manager 18 Demo, ReadMe and full 38 page Demo Manual.

5:33 pm PST: The Demo readme is up.

5:43 pm PST: The full 38 page demo manual is up.

My writer and graphic designer extraordinaire, Scout, has help tremendously in our effort to beat the clock for those who want a 2019 tax deduction.

I totally agree we need to make a fair presentation of an amazing product but I think it will indeed here by 6 pm PST. Wish us luck on that. We’ll probably be tweaking into the night. Our website undoubtedly has some hard to find references that still say Studio Manager 17 or, worse, SM16. But not for long.

Happy New Year! Yes, you can buy the full program too or upgrade.


We are doing very last minute things like editing the PHP in our Demo tab prompt so you can download the demo. It should be all done by 1 pm Dec 30 2019 PST. Scout felt the need to edit the iPad SM18 Demo About screen, but I’m hopeful she will get it perfected in time so I can meet my 1 pm go live time for the demo. It’s SO CLOSE.

Our Studio Manager 18 Demo is FREE. It is also based on the full Studio Manager 18 product so we have to have the full product done to make it. You won’t find more pre purchase information for a vertical market product anything as professionally done as this with a better demo to help you evaluate it. We’ve looked at some of the demos from our peers and they are more like marketing promos, not the real thing you will get when you buy.

The only thing, really, that separates the SM18 demo from the product is it doesn’t have Full Access. That is stripped out. It doesn’t let you change the layouts – all 500+ of them. You’ll need our help there if you have a demo to do that needs some customizing for a proof of concept.

OK back to work. If you somehow wound up with the SM16 demo in this crossover period – our apologies and please try again after 1 pm Dec 30. There is actually a LOT OF VALUE in the demo version alone. Happy Holidays.

See below for contact info if you have questions or want to purchase.


Release Details:

Every year about this time, we put the finishing touches on our latest version. One of our goals is to keep pace with FileMaker, improving, refining and polishing Studio Manager. So… we’ve completed the product development phase for Studio Manager 18, and are preparing to release it into the world before the end of 2019.

For tax purposes, we want to make sure you can purchase before the end of the year. If you’re on the fence and need to decide by the 31st, call or send a text to Janet Tokerud on our Tokerud Consulting Group business iPhone 11 Pro Max at +1 (415) 789-5219. As owner and primary developer, she can answer all your questions. For complete contact information, click HERE.

See the previous post (just below this one) to learn about some of the improvements in version 18. Want to take a look before you buy? We’re planning to post the new Studio Manager 18 Demo on Sunday Dec 29th.

How to Purchase:

We now abstain from taking credit cards (cancelled our expensive merchant account) due to the monthly fees but can do PayPal, Apple Cash and Zelle or check (US Dollars). We understand and will also take bank transfers and are especially supportive for our non-US customers who need another option. Before sending money, email or give her a call/text. We almost always can do a 1 business day turnaround.

We need to know:
+ name, company, mailing address, phone (good to do a phone that can text as we might need to help you that way if you get stuck) and email
+ number of users


New Features:

A couple new features to mention off the top of my head are that:

  • iPad access supports landscape and portrait. When you rotate or pick up your iPad in a particular orientation, you get optimal viewing.
  • All iPad sizes are supported. And look awesome!
  • iPhones too. Don’t forget that having Studio Manager 18 access in your pocket comes in handy every once in a while especially since you can get into Studio Manager 18 from outside your building – like from home, favorite coffee place, client waiting room (or meeting) or car.
  • Also, we’ve done the work to support lots of iPhone sizes like X, Xs, 11 Pro  like on iPad. And, of course, back to iPhone 6-8, back to iPhone SE. We haven’t tried the iPhone 11 or XR but would be shocked they don’t cooperate with our special methods just as well.
  • We tweaked lots of details to delight you throughout Studio Manager 18. This is possible because we work on SM all year long.
  • And the Studio Manager 18 User Manual is exceptionally thorough, entertaining and up to date.

We are Almost Done Checking Everything in the New Version

If you are getting tired and a little frustrated with old versions of Studio Manager because they are so, well, old looking, come take a look. We have done some work getting the SM17 screenshots up which are pretty great and now will start posting SM18 screenshots in their place. My Studio Manager-buddy, Scout is staying home over the holidays and I’m not the screenshots maven she is so I hope I can deliver as well as I want to on this promise. Scout did say she would help if I get stuck.

We are shooting for Friday Dec 27, 2019 as our completion date. I think the user manual is even done, but just today I found a 2020 issue I hadn’t tested (I didn’t anticipate crossing the line into 2020 would matter) and fixed it so apparently, our testing is still in progress.

If you are on an ancient version of Studio Manager prior to 13, you will find even the Studio Manager 16 Demo WAY better. Just consult our screenshots here to imagine better still.

The Free Full-Function Studio Manager Demo

This the product without the ability to customize for the most part. But until later this week, the demo is anciently only SM16. When you build a new version like SM17 and now SM18, you really have a hard time going that last mile and updating all the data to current timeframes. It’s bad as you’ve got all sorts of interrelationships between Jobs starts and task due dates and timesheets and expenses and invoices. I have to way apologize. We still have our 2016 Studio Manager demo up. We have been too perfectionistic not to try to get all our example data up to date so the experience in the demo seems real. And, it was almost up a while ago until Scout went and added a bunch of new features and I will have to start all over from the product to match SM18 now. The current SM16 demo will give you a pretty good idea and will look great compared to the older Studio Manager version you may have now. So take a peak at either our SM17 tab for the Screenshots tour or actually download the demo to play with it over the holidays.

Purchasing SM18 for the tax break…

If you need to make this purchase now or by Dec 31, we are waiting for you and will help you get it done. I always personally keep myself available on Dec 31 and prior to make sure we accommodate you. Contact Us.


Claris is now listing FileMaker Pro 18 Advanced as Compatible with MacOS Catalina! We are as excited as anyone to see that and will still stay a while longer on MacOS Mojave while further returns come in to be on the safe side. Studio Manager development and FileMaker work on our own and other client  projects is too valuable to take any unnecessary chances. Click this link if you want to connect directly to Claris for the full page of FileMaker Pro 18 Operating System Requirements.

FileMaker 18 Advanced is all the way ready for primetime, so don’t hesitate there. We use 18 whenever we can. Our concern now is only with the newest MacOS. You can buy that shiny new Mac that requires Catalina, but you need to exercise some caution around FileMaker even though it is now certified as good to go on Catalina by FileMaker Inc.

If you are back a few notches on MacOS, please note that FileMaker 18 Advanced is no longer certified for macOS Sierra. You get 3 certified MacOS versions at any one time these days.

See below that there may be more latitude when you are a guest of FileMaker Server or now FileMaker Cloud.

We wrote recently that FileMaker Server 18 is already certified as compatible with MacOS Catalina as well as many recent flavors of Windows. That Filemaker Server 18 is compatible matters to you if you buy new computers that require Catalina like that new MacBook Pro 16 that was just released!

Here’s why. Where your data is hosted is where your data and your database are protected. It is hard to hurt the data if you are a guest and your Mac or PC loses power or crashes. It is hard to crash the server as a guest. That’s why we do almost all of our development as guests of FileMaker Server and hope to migrate to FileMaker Cloud sometime over the next year. For now at least, you’ll need FileMaker Pro 18 Advanced to use this latest iteration of FileMaker Cloud.

If you need to run MacOS Catalina, on your Mac close to day one of its certification, you should run as a guest of FileMaker Server 18 or FileMaker Cloud to be on the safe side. OR, if you have a couple licenses for FileMaker 18, you could do peer to peer sharing from a High Sierra or Mojave Mac to a Catalina Mac as a guest. Otherwise, if you possibly can, wait a while longer before upgrading to Catalina.

If you get stuck, fee free to contact us. We are pretty easy on this sort of thing as in we won’t bill you unless you escalate it into a lot of questions. A few as long as we know the answers can be just fine as a complimentary service. We’ll be open except for nights, weekends and Dec 24-25, 2019 and Jan 1, 2020.


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