We are Putting Final Touches on Studio Manager 18

December 22, 2019 FileMaker 18

New Features: A couple new features to mention off the top of my head are that: iPad access supports landscape and portrait. When you rotate or pick up your iPad in a particular orientation, you get optimal viewing. All iPad sizes are supported. And look awesome! iPhones too. Don’t forget that having Studio Manager 18 […]

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FileMaker Pro 18 Advanced Certified as Compatible with MacOS Catalina…

December 22, 2019 SM News

Claris is now listing FileMaker Pro 18 Advanced as Compatible with MacOS Catalina! We are as excited as anyone to see that and will still stay a while longer on MacOS Mojave while further returns come in to be on the safe side. Studio Manager development and FileMaker work on our own and other client […]

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FileMaker Server 18.0.3 Certified for MacOS 10.15 Catalina

October 30, 2019 FileMaker 18

Hold on! Before you upgrade to Catalina on your Mac – read this! FileMaker Pro 18 Advanced is not yet certified for Catalina. FileMaker Server is a smaller piece of software than FileMaker Pro 18 Advanced, which will probably not get certified until next month (November 2019). Even though FM Server 18.0.3 is certified now, […]

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FileMaker 18 Excellent – But Not Yet Ready for MacOS Catalina

October 25, 2019 FileMaker News

The important message right now is: don’t upgrade your Mac shop to Catalina just yet.  The following screenshot was taken today (Oct 25, 2019 9:33 am PDT): The fine print below the table says: “Operating systems not listed in the table above have not been tested and are not supported.” Besides what it says, that […]

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FileMaker 18 is Out! Please Read

May 23, 2019 FileMaker 18

It’s Great, but Don’t Go Live with FileMaker 18 Quite Yet! This is my version of the warning not to start running your mission critical database with a brand new version of FileMaker in the first month of release. You can buy it now, no problem with that. Use it now on a TEST COPY […]

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Studio Manager 17 is in the Works!

December 28, 2018 FileMaker 17

We really never stop developing Studio Manager, but this time of year we are busy finishing off a new version – this time it is 17 to take advantage of the 17th version of FileMaker. Our Mac version is designed to fit on screens of 12 inches or more. But on the iPad and iPhone […]

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FileMaker 17 MacOS System Compatibility

December 27, 2018 Compatibility

FileMaker 17 Server and Pro received updates in early December 2018 to make them fully Mojave-ready. Like many other Mac users, we bought one of the great new Mac minis and it comes with Mojave installed. With FileMaker 17’s upgrades, you are now good to go with Mojave. We have FileMaker Server 17 running on […]

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Tips for Upgrading to FileMaker 17

May 18, 2018 FileMaker 16

We love the new version of FileMaker 17 and we have some tips that may save you money and trouble. Test a Copy of Your Database. FileMaker 17 was released this week on May 15. We’ve written some of the things you should know about it on my FileMaker Fever blog. If you know you […]

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New Mac Buyers Who Run FileMaker Pro need FileMaker 15 or higher

March 20, 2018 FileMaker 13

Hi everyone. I have been hearing from some of my Studio Manager customers who have upgraded to High Sierra either voluntarily or because they bought a new Mac, that their Studio Manager database won’t run on FileMaker Pro 14 or lower. Actually, I haven’t heard from a FileMaker Pro 14 user yet about a problem, but […]

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FileMaker 11 and Under Users Warning about OS X High Sierra

January 30, 2018 Compatibility

We’ve been running into problems lately with some of our Studio Manager users who have not recently upgraded their FileMaker (or Studio Manager) but may have bought a new Mac that requires High Sierra. FileMaker Pro 11 and new Macs. If you are still running the excellent, FileMaker Pro 11, you aren’t going to be […]

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